Taser For Civil Protection (Maybe yes)

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So. There could be a taser for Civil Protection units.

How would the taser worked:
It would have 1 or 0.5 meter radius.
The taser could be used only by Grid i1+ and only during Civil Unrest.
The taser could have only two cartriges and after firing it the first cartige, there would be a 15 second cooldown to take a another shot, to avoid spamming the taser.
If a unarmored individual would get hit, he would be stunned for 12 second and would slow their walking speed by 25% for 4-5 seconds and would deal 10 damage.
Shoting a target with a taser wouldn't deal any damage if the target has a any kind of armor (Salvaged OTA vest/Elite vest). Shoting a citizen that has a rebel suit with a taser would only slow them down by 15% for 5 seconds.

The main reason of the taser would be to stun/stop any individual that is running or being a threat to a Civil Protection Officer to don't be forced to use firearms on citizens and not causing senseless havoc.

(It might be a shit suggestion, but I'll still post it, cuz why not)


Sep 12, 2020
Make a shock-boomerang which can be thrown by Civil Protection. Union has a large casing of boomerangs which allows them to throw them full automatic, while Grid gives the boomerang an area of effect.