taking an break from Impulse- Joe Ryan

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Apr 11, 2020
It is the time I was gonna make an post about this few days ago But since this is this time, where now I go back to school and my activity is dying due to that I'm going back to school and this is gonna be like my last follow up, of my other goodbye post that I made since December 2020 , Well It has been fun I was playing since I17 and a lot of the new map of city 24 v3 that came like few months ago , and of course I made a lot of friends about 20 though and some returning veterans either MSC or Not but I've had fun, anyway goodbye impulse and including the moderators that joined recently, and lead moderators especially king darkness, Fetor, Creamy, Chosen, Sprite Can and more, also thx for welcoming me I might visit the server once in a while but is time goodbye :) o7, thx vin, Jamsu, Opiper, for giving me an good experience on the server I was playing since 2020-2021 September 18.

my previous goodbye post when about the pandemic and just other things as well:(2) Goodbye letter for somehow forever | impulse (impulse-community.com)

the friends I made and met Since the beginning of 2021 or towards the middle( summer)
- Taylor buffington
- Ryan steel
- Belle Dubois
- Ronald Johnson
- Schmidt McAlister
- Fetor
-Carla Holmes
-Daniel liberty
- Jacub Andersson
-Claire Valentine
- Bill Leonard
( can't remember more names that if I remember but that all)

Things accomplished: Made my own custom events( Axe crusader's, and several if possible with the help of friends since 2020)
: Helped the MSC with nexus raid
: gave some stuff away to random rebels including the MSC
: commit several IED attacks
: got a lot of achievements points for the camo face wrap
: I tried participating in other people events
timeline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a3RR0QIbdNqKHgFXzcLh2PR5Fy78vyX_5C_ALNXC26A/edit?usp=sharing
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