Stunstick and arrests improved v2

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Nov 17, 2019
This is a improved repost of a Stunstick and arrests improved with some additional changes since it was a long enough time, got even some answers from vin about certain things that 100% won't be added so I'll remove those with a comment
So, if any staff wanna archive it now, then feel free (It would have been at some point regardless)

Suggestion goal is still pretty much the same: To make arrests easier for CP's so they don't have to call an admin every 5 fucking seconds. By making them easier, CP's will now deal with most minges IC'ly and it won't be such a pain. With the experimental suggestion down below it could even be a drop in the overall number of mingery and number of reports for staff (which is very busy and don't need additional shit to deal with)

1) Improve stunstick

Add a 4th mode or replace Pacify
Stun mode
- non lethal (0dmg)
- causes stun for 2 seconds OR after 3/4 hits causes stun for 5/6seconds
- no blindness effect tho

That's it, this change alone will allow CP's for easier arrests and handling minges will be a breeze

Now before you comment
- BUT NOW CP'S CAN EASILY RANDOM ARREST, well just as easily as currently minges can ignore painRP, FearRP and overall RP rules so yeah... and in 90% of cases RDA cases are minges trying to get away with acting like 5IQ kids, wanna do something "funni" do it where CP's cannot see
- BUT THEY CAN STUN A REBEL AND KILL HIM COZ HE CAN'T ESCAPE, well... too bad, he deals no damage to you, nor blindness so kill him then
- BUT THEY CAN RANDOM STUN US they can also RDM you and guns ain't removed

This part doesn't change, stun for STUNstick is fucking needed so CP's can arrest people, period, no matter what vin claims

Also this

We could make it do 1 damage, or like the Grounded mode (6 i think)
As long as we can stunlock them long enough to arrest I'll be happy
We could also add a debuff for zipties that if you took damage you cant ziptie for 5 seconds or make it so if you are taking damage, the process halts and you gotta do it all over again

2) Improve arrests

Not only is chasing a pain in the ass, but so is dragging him all the way to the nearest terminal, risking getting shot or some civies will jump in circles around him and be overall annoying (which the first point should counter pretty well since we can arrest them as well)

So to improve our arrest experience
- (optional) Command to ziptie, just bind it to "G" and it's gonna be much better than going to your inventory and clicking on it
- Extra abilities to a ziptied civie, mainly:
>ability to gag someone (blocks VC and text is just "/me mumbles")
>ability to stop someone from moving
>remove civie ability to USE STUFF, even if the 2nd ability is usefull enough to counter it I still dont understand why civies can open doors WITH ZIPTIES

Change dragging into something similar to Arma3 ACE mod where a perp is just floating near the CP and is nocolided
This will make dragging through stairs easier, dragging through ladders actually possible and maybe make it so we can actually move normally with a perp (bu..but civies heavy... they're malnourished, how heavy can they be ?)

Ok, vin commented on this himself and I do understand that gmod is fucked when it comes to getting stuck in the map

Could we at least make it faster ? I know people squirm around and its "not easy to drap a guy" but cmon, as I said up there, they're malnourished and drugged though water, how hard could it be for a well fed and trained officer)
This suggestion will lower the time required to stop, ziptie and arrest the perp within less than a minute
No more running up to CP, calling them gay and repeating that over and over again untill some CP actually calls an admin
No more problems with ziptied people blasting Rick Roll through their mic
No more people running away while ziptied
No more time wasted dragging him from 1 point of the map to another


3) Pushing with stunstick

Currently it works like this
- a civie is in my face
- I push him with my stunstick
- get stunlocked for a second
- during that second a civie returns to his previous position

If pushing worked maybe riots could be controlled this way, coz currently we either use the fast way: SMG or the long way: getting 5+ units to hit everyone with their stunstick to death

- increase the range that the target is pushed (which I understand might cause problems coz I see what civies do when they're pushed "mid air")
- stunlock a civie and allow CP's to push quicker and move while doing so

This will allow CP to simply push out anyone with ease, get a civie in cuffs to a spot quicker (like a cell)
The old pushing could be utilized in "Hands" swep for civies to help them get the bodyblockers out of the way or overall AFK people (That is a problem on that fucking train for sure)

This is not even gonna help CP's deal with the rebels that much, but we just might end up with more ammo in our guns

4) Increase max prison time (I kept it coz I kinda like the idea of making jail even more scary for minges)

To be specific I'd go up to 1 hour of jail
What ? But 15min is already such a long fucking time ! And yes I agree so there is the rest

- Introduce prison activities that reduce it
- Introduce a locker where ECHO/MACE can switch their skin to Nova Prospekt variants (fuck RANGER he gets noffin)
- You no longer get punished for leaving in jail (but people will just leave the server and not get punished... well, they're not playing for an hour regardless)
- But the 15min punish timer stay (so when u leave in handcuffs u get 15min, but if you leave in jail you dont get punished)
- Jailbreaks are now a viable reason to raid Nexus instead of just waiting for your friend to leave
- More charges could be intoduced
- OfC and JURY can only do the one hour, while regular units can go only up to 30min

Now cons that i clearly see (hence the "EXPERIMENTAL" part)
- people will ALWAYS beg to die rather than get arrested (part 1/2 will counter that)
- RDA problem is now almost 4 times worse (due to increased time a unit can put you in)
- Some prisons might not have space for activities so it will require OTA/JURY to lead you for a shift into a different room, but when there is none = ur fucked with a long sentence

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(brought people who typed +SUPPORT or liked the suggestion, sowwy for ping and to people who supported it overall, but since u didnt type +SUPPORT directly i didnt know if I should have done it)
Mar 21, 2020
I'm gonna say +Support For these Ideas
Reason being is that arresting people is a fucking Pain, Especially with Minges who ignore Fear-RP And PainRP
The More experimental Ideas, I'd have to think about weather +supporting or -supporting, Depends.

Rip Fawful

Nov 25, 2020
Oh wow the experimental suggestion helps my group a lot and i always wanted it

Also cuz everything makes sense and helps a lot