S-PT 17 [Spear Patrol-Team 17]

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Jul 1, 2020

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Hello, The S-PT 17 aka Spear Patrol-Team 17 is a Civil-Protection group I have made, We are specialized in Assaults, Quick Planning, and Correct Judgement. However this does not include everything, This RP group requires critical and quick thinking while under Pressure and immediate situations. The S-PT 17 will be Specialized in Assaults, as mentioned, And will be active most of the time in engaging with a Confirmed Threat. There will not be any rushing or stupidity. S-PT 17 will be the first to respond in High-Priority to any rebellious threat and prevent a Judgement Waiver, Attacking is not the only solution most of the time, Holding back for the enemy to be exposed,In extra OOC info: Im making a CP Group because I feel CPs are a bit too stupid to combat, Especially Non-Whitelisted Civil-Protection. This group will be different unlike the rest and will focus mostly on RP and Assault. Riot Control and Lethal/Non-Lethal Force is another important discretion, However im on high alert to make sure this group will stay alive and bring justice. Coming up with a solution quickly may be tough, However getting the right choices is more advanced. The S-PT 17 will always stay in a Group of 4 People in 4 Groups, Each Leader will lead a Squad. Ignoring Non-Patrol Members will be necessary at most situations... Carefully displaying Members will be necessary. If anything is too much to handle, Always inform me and I will keep you individually in the correct place. This is not a very Serious CP Group however taking that advantage will be faced with consequences. We will be generous and merciful.

A CP once named Michael Green, 34 Years old has been working as an i2 and has witnessed multiple incorrect acts upon the Civil-Protection, However Judgement Waivers mostly saved the day. By his knowledge of actions and observing the Civil-Protection. He has come to the point of waiting for 01 and Enlisting for SqL, His plans were successful, He seemed a bit useless even with Command Privileges however, The CP Teams were lazy to be in a Team and so he had to make it come to an end. He later negotiated with the CmD and created the CIty 17 Spear Patrol-Team 17 which specializes in Assault progresses and Riot Tactics. His journey has come to a start, And will end at last.

Ranking System:
Protection-Team Enlisted Probationary (04) [Voted in]
Protection-Team Standard Unit (03) [Decent minded and experienced]
Protection-Team Enhanced Assault Unit (02) [Some Experience, Advancing]
Protection-Team Assault Expert (01) [Fully trusted member, Can apply for Protection Team Elite Assault Unit]

Commanding Units:
Protection-Team Elite Assault Unit (SqL Technically) [In between Commanding Unit and Standard]
Patrol-Team: Designated Command [PT: DC]

Patrol-Team: Sector Control [PT: SC]
Patrol Team: Leader [PT:L]

Patrol-Squad: Designated Leader [Not High-Command, Squad Leader]
This Assault-Team is a S-PT 17 Division that is in charge of Breaching a Base/Structure (Not map made) with a Confirmed and Non-Confirmed threat. These Units are first to respond with a Confirmed Apartment BOL or Rebellion Threat hiding in A Building... These Units are to not rush and need to think carefully. These ranks can be given manually and Official or just Badges, They can also be mixed with Original Patrol-Teams
Assault-Team: Breach Specialist [Experienced Building/Structure Raider]
Assault-Team: Breach Squad-Leader [Experienced Building/Structure Raider, Has command over Assault Team Breach Units.]
Assault-Team: Breach Unit [Standard slightly experienced Building/Structure Raider]

[Extra Information on Ranking System:
Medals and Badges:
[REDACTED TILL FURTHER NOTICE] (Wont find out till your in)

Please note that there are only 16 Slots, 13 are left. We may merge with other CP Groups and possibly OTA.
The rules are simple and easy. If you feel its too much, Please dont feel shy to inform me. A Small Real training is included, This is also required with an interview (On DMs). There is no easy passing. ("No Easy passing" refers to not just an interview and your done, You will be tested with your knowledge)

Unavailable till further Notice (Roster is available however no members added except Co-Founder, ThePanMan).
Small Note: Theres a whole load of more information on Discord.

Application Template:
1. XP Level (?):
2. Discord Name and ID:
3. Steam Name:
4. In-game IC Name:
5. Why would you like to join S-PT 17, What could you bring to the table (?):

Pledge to this: "I shall strive to bring justice and loyalty to the Universal Union, I will struggle through hardships and light the fires to conquer those who intend to bring harm to the Universal Union. Glory to the Union and our Benefactors."

How to Join:
Have a Good Reputation, Dont be idiotic on purpose. Fill out the application (Send through DMs). An Interview and training on your knowledge will be required... Joining is not Easy, And not Tough. Remember that theres 13 Slots left.
[DM me at Universal Architect#8643]
[DM ThePanMan#0665]

Thanks and Goodluck!

(Discord will be given to Lead Moderator+ to inspect or extract further information)
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Jul 1, 2020
so it's patrol or only attacks?
RP (Ofcourse)

Assault/Attacking with Caution and not rushing stupidly, Responding to a Confirmed threat at High-Priority, Patrolling will be Normal however, Every Confirmed threat has to be responded to.

Using Strategy and Planning instead of being unorganized

In Short: RP, Attacks, Normal Patrol Routine, Pinning a BOL target, Raiding Apartments/buildings, Sticking in a Team, Hardpoint/Checkpoint/Sector Control.

Investigating BOL Targets and Looking for them in every part of the Map.

Thats why I called it "SPEAR",The Spear Division is to Patrol Dangerous areas such as 404 but I used it only as a Name, Were not actually gonna patrol sewers however, We will definitely respond to any Threats. Whether a Rebel, Apartment Raid, BOL Suspect, etc. And ofcourse, We will RP Xen Flu, Investigations,PainRP/HostageRP/FearRP. The only Difference from a Non-S-PT17 Unit is that we Respond at High-Caution using Strategy without rushing, And advancing with Combat, RP will be engaged mostly. (If I had to estimate, it would be 65%)

We will Log some things.

Apartment Raids with a confirmed threat that has been Expunged

BOL Target seen as an Anti-Citizen

A Rebel Attack on any type of Patrol-Team including 8+ Rebels in a Group.

Plaza Raid which lasted only for 5 Minutes and all Anti-Citizens included were Expunged.

Hijacked Outpost/Checkpoint/Hardpoint/Post/ (All Anti-Citizens have to be expunged or they escaped.)