Roleplay Group Rules

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Dec 1, 2019
United Kingdom
Thinking of submitting a roleplay group thread?

Please keep in mind this is separate to the in-game group system, which allows players to create groups in-game at the cost of 10K tokens.

This is a way for people to have a thread dedicated to their RP groups, and to represent themselves in an official capacity. If you wish to start making large bases that take up significant space in rebel areas, e.g. the left-hand portion of shell beach (provided that access to BMD/Fisherman is still granted) you must submit and have an RP group accepted here first.

Before posting, please make sure your group follows the rules below.

If your group is found to be in violation of these rules, you will be given 24 hours notice by the Lead Moderation team to make necessary changes otherwise your group will be disbanded, archived and expected to cease operations immediately upon disbanding.

  1. RP Groups must have three members, including the founder, to be registered on the forums before submitting the RP Group page.
  2. RP Groups must be lore-friendly and realistic to the Half-Life 2 Universe.
  3. Founding members of RP groups must have:
    1. No Warnings in the last 10 days
    2. No Bans in the last 20 days.
  4. RP Groups must have provable activity on the server or run the risk of being disbanded.
  5. RP Group Founders must at least be active on the server in the week running up to their RP group submission.
  6. All members that represent an RP group in any capacity must follow the rules
    1. If an RP group becomes known for breaking the rules frequently, it may be disbanded without notice.
  7. All members of the RP group must be listed on the RP group page.
  8. Any discord servers associated with an RP group must allow full viewing access to lead game mods
    1. Additionally, you may not use your discord server to advertise services outside of impulse
      1. Consult the community manager for exemptions
  9. Any groups operating outside of good faith will be removed
    1. This includes obstructing staff member duties or investigation
Best of luck to everyone starting a group!
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