Denied OfC Whitelist Application - Szaj - Frank Wood

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Nov 24, 2020
In-game name: Frank Wood
Discord tag Szajzyl#8147
Timezone Europe
How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 23

Explaination of previous offences

Why should be you whitelisted for this role
(Just like in the previous app. I am Polish and my grammar isn't that great.) Hello! I hope you're having a great day and today I want to tell you why I want to become an OfC of the best faction on the server and that is Civil Protection. First of all I want to mention the problem with the communication which is very big on the server. Most of the units are not using radio communication properly and forget about PT system. That kind of behaviour results in BSL's mostly on the CZ or GG area which makes the route to the location long and allow rebels to take dead cp's gear and retreat to a 404 zone and we don't want that to happen. I want to make that problem dissapear and force units to form PT's and maintain worthy communication to make sure they don't die in the most stupid ways. I did lead a PT quite a few times and it went succesful. I know how to talk to people so they listen to me and actually do what I say. I can be oppresive as a CP if a citizen is not complying. I am not scared of pulling a trigger and my skills of shooting are actually high (I play lots of fps games). I don't bhop. I rarely strafe. Through the course of my playtime I think i've learned enough how to play as a CP and now I am sure I'm ready to serve as a OfC role in the CP faction. I want to share my knowledge among other people and judge unfit units which happens really often in the faction. I know what code sacrifice means and I am not scared to sacrifice myself for the greater good. I never got warned or defunct as a CP officer. I always complete my mission that is given to me. I have shown my endurance greatly during the IED bombing shortly after the map change after surviving 3 IED's and amputating about 5 hostiles. I also defended Nexus bravely on the front while it was raided this week.

I think you've seen me a few times on Impulse because i have returned recently (my activity shows that) as school got back to normal and I have time again to play. My previous application got declined because of the activity. Of course the activity will stay stabilised and I will not let it go down like in the past 2 months. 2-5 hours a day will be my norm. I think I am pretty mature too. I have nearly 3k XP if someone asks and I don't use a voice changer no'r voice chat that much. I mostly depend on text chat and voice commands activated on the text chat.

Previous experience as Civil Protection
So. I didn't play as a CP on other servers. Impulse was my first server to actually become a CP and feel into it. I am really enjoying being a CP on this server as I have many occasions to perform RP. I have never been warned by any OfC or higher. Below I will list my divisions and my experience as them / Playtime.

Union - My main division (standard). I enjoy playing it as it is the main UU force. By playing it I have many many things to do like responding to requests or BSL's. As this division I can show off my skills in RP , shooting and my overall experience. I love to help other cp's and never sit in one place. It's just fun to have something to do while playing this faction. I don't play it only because of the SMG like most of the Unions do. I love the pistol too.

Grid - Was my main. I did enjoy playing it on C8 but now we are on I17. I know how to build checkpoints and know the basics of wiremod. I know how to act in case of a riot and how to maintain a hardpoint so nobody gets control of it without my knowledge. I left the Grid in favor of Union that was revealed to be my best side because of my shooting skills and the fact that Union has an SMG that lets me do more damage to the resistance when the firefight occurs.

Helix - Helix was a time that taught me nearly everything. Observing other units do things as I sat back and helped them recover and go back to action was really educational! I think I was helpful back then but since I got more and more experience I just left Helix behind in favor of Grid. I enjoyed that time.

Jury - I didn't play it much. Just some basic gameplay interrogating rebels and citizens , but I cannot say I didn't do anything. I did acquire some important info back then when playing as a Jury. I helped OTA find a base in the outlands and helped them neutralize an armed group of rebels. (C8 times again) I enjoyed playing that division. Searching bodies for clues of their deaths was the most interesting in my opinion.

(Scenario) A UNION i2 unit is saying Bouncer bouncer! Bouncer bouncer! 6 9 Haha. to a group of civilians, that seems to be engaged in jumping around, dancing, and playing loud Slavic music on their microphones. How do you respond?
(I am a Union OfC in that scenario) I would approach the group and proceed to say " :Citizens. Isolate. Now. :". I would remember the tag of the I2 just in case he would run so I can mark him defunct if this occurs. If the citizens don't comply and dance like i am not existent I would start giving them warnings. First warning , second warning etc. If they don't comply after 3'rd warning I'll get out my baton and put it on pacify mode. I would start to hit them with the baton and push them until they Isolate. If this proves to be ineffective I'll call a Grid I1 unit equipped with a tear gas grenade and call for an additional support to help me arrest the citizens after a succesfull tear gas deployment. When they arrive and form up to be ready to deploy I would order a Grid to throw the grenade into the center of the group to make them isolate from the area. If they isolate after the grenade is thrown I would order other units I called to help me contain the citizens and arrest them for public non-compliance or / and mentally unfit. After that I would approach the Union I2 unit and ask him what he was thinking when doing that. After listening to him I would immediately order him to face the wall and tell him to prepare for civil judgement (re-education , 3 times hit in the back with the baton on pacify mode). I would re-educate him and after that tell him to ": Move along! :". If the situation repeats I would call him to the Lower Nexus CP armory where he would be marked defunct for insubordination and being unfit for the duty of a Civil Protection Officer.

(Scenario) A JURY i1 unit runs into Sector C’s 404 entrance without any accompanying units during Civil status. What is your reaction?
(I am a Union OfC in that scenario) If I see him I'll immediately order him to ": Ripcord! :" from the area and count the time it takes him to come back. After doing so I'll ask him what was the reason of him going into the 404 zone without anyone. If the reason was valid such as chasing a anti-citizen running from him or a citizen running into a 404 zone then I would call him off just with a warning to not do such things in the future. I would remind him the basic rules of going into the 404 zone such as "You need atleast 2 accompanying units to go into the 404 zone with a valid reason for 15 seconds." etc. I would ask him about his PT status. If he's not in a PT and they are running I would order him to get into one. //// If he continues to run into 404 zone without a reason or starts to lie about reasons I would order him to face the wall for re-education. After that I'll call him off to ": Move along! :" and give him a final warning to suspend his actions. If he does continue after the final warning I'll order him to the Lower Nexus CP armory and then mark him as defunct for disobeying orders and insubordination in completing the Civil Protection Officers duty.

Extra notes:
This app is my second one. Layout is based on my first application as I have seen it as a nice layout. I hope that my activity now fits well and I hope I will be accepted this time. Please do have in mind that after getting the OfC role my activity will be even higher as I will have more reasons to play. (I have acquired 22 hours that week after coming back on the server) Let's try and see how this app goes. I understand all negative outcome and that my grammar is (IMO) really bad in terms of long applications. I hope you'll give me a chance. Have a great day!

I confirm Yes
I agree Yes
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Nov 25, 2020
No description of leadership qualities.
Just explains what u do as every division (mostly made of filler)
Scenarios correct


CP Faction Lead
Feb 21, 2020
Lithuania, Vilnius

Unfortunately, your officer application has been denied at the review stage. The reason for this verdict is fairly clear, you cannot meet the needed requirements.

- Application needs a rework, having a lot of words doesn't always mean it will be good. As of now, it has details we do not need that block off important parts of the application.

I suggest taking what I said into consideration if you plan to reapply.

Thank you for your application, if you have any questions or believe I was unfair, feel free to start a forum DM with me. Please do not submit another application for two weeks.

Kind regards, Zack.
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