OfC Whitelist Application - Petisos - Belle Dubois

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Aug 8, 2021
In-game name: Belle Dubois
Discord tag Dubois#1111
Timezone UK
How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 14

Explanation of previous offences
Prop-spam: When I first joined the server, I didn't know I would enjoy it as much as I do now and I spawned like 8 helicopters and was warned and rightfully banned for a week. I haven't done anything since.

Why should you be whitelisted for this role?
I believe I should be whitelisted for this role because I meet all necessary criteria and possess the skills required to be an OfC.

An OfC should have the leadership skills necessary to lead PTs and coordinate Civil Protection Units, which I believe I am capable of, as I hold an officer rank in the MSC and I'm used to leading and organizing large groups. I've begun playing CP a lot recently as I've wanted to expand my RP opportunities on the server, and I believe my skills from playing rebel translate well to the CP side of things.

If I was whitelisted for this role, it would give me the ability to explore the CP faction’s RP possibilities more deeply than an i1. I would make sure that a high standard of CP-citizen RP was maintained at all times, and with regards to responsibilities, I am fully aware of what’s required of me as an OfC, and I am completely committed to ensuring that everyone, be that CPs, citizens or rebels, have an enjoyable RP experience on the server.

I have a good understanding of Impulse’s rules and framework, I have the reliability to make sure these rules are maintained, and I can be trusted to ensure that any CPs, whether they’re new to the server, or seasoned veterans, can feel comfortable to come to me for leadership and guidance. I have the confidence and drive for this role, which I understand is a privilege, and my activity shows that I regularly play, with me joining the server in early July this year and already amassing nearly 400 hours.

I have quite a large background with FPS games, and would consider myself a pretty good fighter owing to that history. I have a good amount of experience with working with PTs, and even leading them when no OfCs are on. On the other hand, I have a lot of history with serious RP, including Star Wars RP servers, and ingame RP events hosted by the MSC.

Previous experience as Civil Protection
I would say I have a lot of experience with the Civil Protection team. I've worked with and lead PTs, especially during low pop hours, when there are few OfCs on to lead them. I've assisted OfCs in defuncting uncohesive units, and have participated in many rebel holdouts on the CP side as an Union i1, with us succeeding every time. Although I usually play Union, I've frequently played Helix if there isn't enough units on to support our PTs.

(Scenario) A UNION i2 unit is saying Bouncer bouncer! Bouncer bouncer! 6 9 Haha. to a group of civilians, that seems to be engaged in jumping around, dancing, and playing loud Slavic music on their microphones. How do you respond?
First of all, I would need to disperse the crowd. I would ask the citizens to suspend with the music and to isolate. I would then proceed to call for backup from nearby CPs. If the crowd is still there, I would begin to use my stunstick on Pacify mode to force them to leave. If this fails, and if a Grid is available, I would order them to deploy tear gas to disperse the group. If they still persist, I would have my units arrest all involved for 10-103m and 507. After every citizen has been dealt with, I would pull the i2 over to a private area and explain to him that what he did was uncohesive. If he seems remorseful, I would leave it at a verbal warning, but if it seems that the unit will commit the same offence later, I would have him marked defunct for 10-103m.

(Scenario) A JURY i1 unit runs into Sector C’s 404 entrance without any accompanying units during Civil status. What is your reaction?
First of all, I would order the Jury to ripcord. Assuming the unit returns within 15 seconds, I would bring him over to a safe area and ask him what he was doing. If he explains that he was pursuing someone he saw run in, I would explain to him that as a Jury, its suicidal to go in, as he's lightly armed and even a small amount of rebels would be able to overwhelm him. I would then tell him that as an i1, he should know this and that he shouldn't repeat this in the future. If he does not return within 15 seconds and was not killed, I would f3 and call a mod.

Extra notes:
I haven't played on B210 so I had to ask people what the rules were surrounding Sector C's 404 entrance and I believe I answered the scenario correctly

I confirm Yes
I agree Yes
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Nov 23, 2020
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This player has been under my watchful eye for quite some time, voluntarily, and I believe they are fully capable of holding the OfC position comfortably and providing more daily stability to the overall faction.
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