Denied OfC Whitelist Application - nagisagames3 - Allen Smith

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Apr 2, 2021
In-game name: Allen Smith
Discord tag reddog1217#9555
Timezone US East
How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 14

Explaination of previous offences
one ban for XP farming and one warning for fear RP XP farming ban was when I just joined the server and I didn't read the rules and started jumping for a long period of time, the same goes for the warning I was an inexperienced i4 that had a gun drawn to his head and no knowledge that I couldn't kill him I hit him with a stun stick.

Why should be you whitelisted for this role
Why I should be whitelisted as an ofc, I should be listed as an ofc for many reasons one being I believe I would be good at helping organizing units on the ground, I can be a role model of what being a civil protection unit should be like, I can increase the standard of roleplay inside of the faction, I am a good communicator and can communicate with others, I tend to set a good example to others, I act mature, I am goal-oriented, I can give and take orders, I have good decision-making skills as well as having a great sense of leadership.

Previous experience as Civil Protection
I have had many experiences being a civil protection unit, I have dealt with kidnappings Ransome's judgment wavers, as well as the standard citizen acting up.

(Scenario) A UNION i2 unit is saying Bouncer bouncer! Bouncer bouncer! 6 9 Haha. to a group of civilians, that seems to be engaged in jumping around, dancing, and playing loud Slavic music on their microphones. How do you respond?
unit suspend! citizens leave or prepare to receive civil judgment,

(Scenario) A JURY i1 unit runs into Sector C’s 404 entrance without any accompanying units during Civil status. What is your reaction?
unit ripcord! (then proceed to administer a Re-education. and mark autonomous)

Extra notes:
(note all my bans and warning are from when I was an i4-i3)

I confirm Yes
I agree Yes


Mar 12, 2021
-SUPPORT Your scenarios are way too short, your main section goes like 5 words above minimum and you only have 78 hours


CP Faction Lead
Feb 21, 2020
Lithuania, Vilnius

Unfortunately, your officer application has been denied at the review stage. The reason for this verdict is fairly clear, you cannot meet the needed requirements.

- Application needs a rework as it is very poor. We do not believe you are fit for the position.

Thank you for your application, if you have any questions or believe I was unfair, feel free to start a forum DM with me. Please do not submit another application for two weeks.

Kind regards, Zack.
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