Accepted OfC Whitelist Application - MARS - Marcus bolton

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Mar 23, 2021
In-game name: Marcus bolton
Discord tag MARS#0192
Timezone Other
How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 30

Explaination of previous offences

Why should be you whitelisted for this role
I feel like I should be whitelisted for this role because of all the experience I have obtained from all the unique situations that have been thrown at me, for example when I took command of a small unit that managed to escape fabrication from 5-8 rebels. Together me and 2 i3 unions a i4 union and a i2 helix managed to hold off the rebels at the RDC gate with the help of a CWU worker providing us cover with his shop beside the elevator that goes up to the catwalks, we continued to try and push up, 2-3 times but were repelled each time. I lost 1 i4 in the second attempt to take back fabrication from a rebel with a m14 on the tracks as he tried to rush in with a stunstick. on the third attempt to take back fabrication we were successful as we took out 1 rebel at the gate trying to rush us and 2 fleeing down fabrication as we made are last push. At the time this all happen we had lost 4-7 units and more were dieing just before that team made it out I requested a OfC or higher to aid in the attack but none were on so I took command of who ever was left and attempted to halt the rebels advance to plaza and was successful and with such a small team (you know who you are if your reading this) I have also took lead of many units during JW wavier's giving them order's such as clearing the apartments like terminal and metropol, or having them watch the train station to stop the flow of new arrival's from roaming the streets. Most of all I have a good understanding of how to organize units during times of crisis, such as when rebels attack us and all units start funneling down the same path, I always try to lead a small team to flank around another way to cut them off or to help aid from another angle, I try teaching units new ways of approaching situations such as when they are out gunned and out manned that it's sometimes safer to pull back to better cover and hold the line for back up then to rush in and get them self's killed and there gear taken for the next rebel to use. But I don't only teach the older units new way's of thinking, I try to always make sure that any new units that are coming on for the first time or still low rank and unsure of laws go over the CP handbook and I will teach them the basics of making a arrest, how to isolate crowds, what charges apply to what crimes and a basic understanding of the ranks and how to patrol. All together I should be whitelisted not because of my experience but my willingness to teach units new ways of attacking situations and forming better patrol structure's to help tighten are defence's and help stop the large amount of "pointless" CP deaths.

Previous experience as Civil Protection
I have a good amount of experience as Civil protection now as I have over 8000XP and 161 hours on the server, I started out as a jury unit as but now I main union as when I was a jury I would always find myself out gunned and never really stood a chance but as a union i1 most times I can manage to stay alive in a attack. most of my time if not all of it is spent on civil protection as its the only role you are guaranteed to always have something to do. I can be honest when I say I do always put down hardpoints and RDC checkpoint but I have never played grid ( I know that's bad ) but it's because I am donor and lot's of grids for some reason wont add dupes from the discord so I do it for them.

(Scenario) A UNION i2 unit is saying Bouncer bouncer! Bouncer bouncer! 6 9 Haha. to a group of civilians, that seems to be engaged in jumping around, dancing, and playing loud Slavic music on their microphones. How do you respond?
As I approach the situation I would quickly tell the unit to suspend his actions at once and remind him that failing to conduct civil protection duties in a professional manner is subject to deservicement. (should he continue) I would radio in for more unit's to aid in dispersing the citizen in the area before having the unit follow me to the nexus for deservicement. Should he fail to follow I would have no other choice but to amputate him on the spot. (should he listen) I would give him the verbal warning as listed above and tell him to interlock to a PT and patrol, should I catch him doing it again its immediate amputation. As this can be taken as roleplay to an extent, it can also be a f3 case as the situation could escalate into a large mic spam fest and a admin might need to be called. So there is lot's of different ways of coming at this it just depends on the crowds response to the orders and if the unit is willing to obey commands.

(Scenario) A JURY i1 unit runs into Sector C’s 404 entrance without any accompanying units during Civil status. What is your reaction?
The Apex Typhon made a really good point in his application and I feel the same when it comes to this, to quote him "Context is key when it comes to this" More so then anything, as he could be chasing a rebel into the 404 zone and catch him with in the 15 seconds and bring him back out (catches him just a few step's past the sewer entrance) at that point I would radio in and check on the situation he's in and try to send another unit there if possible. if he just continued down the sewers chasing I would radio for him to RIPCORD! immediately should he not respond I would give him one final warning before being marked defunct (should he not die in chase and make it out alive) I would have him report to the nexus before deservicing him. If he obeyed the last warning to ripcord I would still have him report to the nexus for his reasons and a warning followed by a review of the CP handbook.

I confirm Yes
I agree Yes
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Panera Bread

Feb 21, 2021
See him on almost daily, very active, noticed his skills in leading his subordinates. He's very good at motivating his peers, as well as a generally friendly individual.


Oct 16, 2020
I don't see him on the server although I just probably never notice him, but this is a great app and I think he'd be a great OFC



CP Faction Lead
Feb 21, 2020
Stabilization-jurisdiction 1

We have decided to accept your officer application. Please make sure to use the #role-requests channel in the Civil Protection discord to request your officer role, and link this application in your message.

Once your roles have been assigned, you are able to request officer training by using the #training-request text channel. Additionally, you should login using Steam at in order for the system to process your registration.

Congratulations, and we hope to see you in your new position soon!
Kind regards, Zack.
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