OfC Whitelist Application - killershrimp03 - Jakob Hopkins

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Aug 24, 2021
In-game name: Jakob Hopkins
Discord tag [email protected]
Timezone US East
How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 19

Explanation of previous offenses
I was once combine banned for trying to rouge as ca I didn't know what I was doing and I was being irrational luckily though I have learned and won't do it again.

Why should you be whitelisted for this role?
I should be whitelisted as OFC because I can help new people. I can teach people who have joined CP for the first time and don't know what to do.

I also understand that having this is a very great responsibility and I am willing to take that to the fullest to show what I can do. I understand that having this whitelist is a very massive responsibility and I am confident I can show it to the best of my ability
I have great leadership skills and can lead Units in extreme situations. I can lead Units during JW's. I also have Hight experience in FPS combat and shooting. I can lead PT-S and coordinate CP units. I have played as an I1 for a long time and have learned how to cooperate and lead PT-S in certain situations. I'm also good at the general OfC businesses like PT assignments, Patrols, and dealing with problems.
I have a very good way of how the Rules and terms work around the server and I believe I am capable to help enforce these rules to the best of my ability. I believe I can follow, guide, and help people with the rules and show them how to play as CP.

Previous experience as Civil Protection
union: I have spent a long time as UNION and I mostly patrol and keep citizens in check to make sure nothing goes wrong

Helix: For helix, I like to play as a medic in battle whenever a unit needs help I make sure I am always there to provide for my team

Jury: I don't really play this class mainly I just sit and interview civilians

Grid: Most of the time I use this class to build structures and gates in triumph but I mostly use AirWatch as this class

(Scenario) A UNION i2 unit is saying Bouncer bouncer! Bouncer! 6 9 Haha. to a group of civilians, that seems to be engaged in jumping around, dancing, and playing loud Slavic music on their microphones. How do you respond?
Firstly I would make sure to record a clip of them blasting the music and mic spamming. Then I would try my best to get the civilians to stay away. Then any nearby units I can contact I would call them to help me with the situation. Then I would ask the I2 why he was constantly blasting music. After he explains himself I would give him a verbal warning and tell him he would be punished for his actions if he repeated such an act. I2's should be much more cooperative and loyal. Then I3's and I4's. If they did it again I would mark them for defunction. If the situations persist I would have to be forced to get a moderator to deal with the problem.

(Scenario) A JURY i1 unit runs into Sector C’s 404 entrance without any accompanying units during Civil status. What is your reaction?
I would first order the Jury to ripcord from the area. If he does in fact come back I would ask him why he went into the 404 zone. Assuming he answers I would explain to him that he cant enter 404 alone as a Jury considering he is a very unarmed CP. However, if he doesn't come back I would have to f3 and have a mod talk to him about the situation

Extra notes:
Please contact me if you want me to change anything or add something :)

I confirm Yes
I agree Yes
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Sep 17, 2021
+support I don't see anything bad, in my opinion leadership is something that is shown and proven more then explained. just an idea if the owner sees this, maybe add a temp ofc with not as much power? it can be used as a test to prove themselves, it can be from teaching new players about the server or other even taking charge in tough situation (just a test for skills) idk its just an idea, in my opinion I dont think its a bad resume for OFC
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