Accepted OfC Whitelist Application - Crow - James Maxwell

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Nov 8, 2020
In-game name: James Maxwell
Discord tag Crow#2218
Timezone EU East
How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 40-50, if i have online classes its gonna be 20-30 per week

Explaination of previous offences
None, i got a OOC mute like a week or two ago for meta

Why should be you whitelisted for this role
Im not afraid to go in, you know not stand behind a wall for 15 minutes shooting one shot at the rebel, il slowly but surely take him on. I also dont get angry when something dosent goes my way, i may just say irl well damn that didnt go as i planned and move on. I can also handle chaotic situations like 6 citizens dancing in plaza or a rebel assault with grenades and m60 heavy machine guns. Im also quite good at finding stuff, and i type fast. And i LOVE to do trainings, when ever i can i will try to teach an i4/i3 whos new.And for my combat experience, my Combat is more like approach the rebel with cover untill about 30 feet and then push, unless he has a shotgun of course. During JW the main thing i do is first do a circle around the streets of the map then go into sewers and help OTA.Im also very good at building checkpoints/hardpoints. And when investigating apartments i.e requests in there i will be very very VERY cautious, i would most likely request another unit-to many times have I died to an IED or a pickaxe.

Previous experience as Civil Protection
As soon as i got 100XP on i17 i started playing CP. I love playing Jury, investigating and interrogating is very fun.

(Scenario) A UNION i2 unit is saying Bouncer bouncer! Bouncer bouncer! 6 9 Haha. to a group of civilians, that seems to be engaged in jumping around, dancing, and playing loud Slavic music on their microphones. How do you respond?
If its the early hours with like 5 people i wouldnt say anything really, if the server is more populated it would tell him to suspend, and tell him to get back on patrol, if he dosent spot id aim my gun and say suspend again, if he STILL dosent respond and or dosent stop i would classify him as mentaly unfit.

(Scenario) A JURY i1 unit runs into Sector C’s 404 entrance without any accompanying units during Civil status. What is your reaction?
If i see the Jury i would radio in "Jury are you Chasing someone" and wait near the vent, If he dosent respond in 15 seconds id radio in "Jury i1 who just went into the 404 entrance at *Location* Where are you. And if he still dosent respond i would radio in the he is marked rouge.. unless i see a BSL that is.

Extra notes:
I am also a lead operative in group 46 and have commanded JURY units in that group, and still do to this day.

I confirm Yes
I agree Yes
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Darth Vader

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Sep 13, 2020
A great unit whom I have seen in-game many times as a G46 lead operative, overall a brilliant choice for SqL.
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Red Rose

Sep 22, 2020
/+ Neutral (for now) Alright so, I've seen you many times in-game, and you've definitely shown that you have good knowledge on the procedures and etiquette of the UU. However, your application is not very good. It is overall very short and ambiguous.
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Sep 16, 2020
Neutral Both the applicant and person is okay. Only complaints is some grammatical and quotationally errors in the application however I'm just a stickler for grammatical errors. Best of luck man.
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