Metropolitan Security Council

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Dec 12, 2019
★ Metropolitan Security Council
- For the Preservation of Mankind -
Long live the MSC!

CIRCA 2019


Introduction / IC Lore:

The MSC's development started when numerous lower-to-middle ranking members of various European governments arrived in City 17. After the relocation, these old-world government functionaries would soon discover that they have the experience to reorganize a new government. The risk in creating a new government was extremely high since most activities would need to be done in utmost secrecy or out in the open, however these members, after living through the collapse of their homeland, would be willing to take the risk.

The MSC can be easily divided into three general categories: government/administration, military, and civilian populous:

The government oversees the entire group and fulfils tasks that make the MSC more enjoyable, creative, and dynamic. The government is mainly comprised of ministers who do specific tasks of their choosing. These tasks can include overseeing agencies of the MSC, producing documents, making websites, art, polls, events, making new MSC intuitions and more. Ministers are also in charge of managing government programs (like the GSO program under the MFE). Being a member of the government is a very difficult task, since the MSC is a very robust organization that requires multiple people to make it run smoothly. The government operates, as the name states, as a council, where all members of the government have equal say, but ultimate authority is held by the Chairman.

Ranks of the MSC Government:

Chairman: The highest rank in the MSC who oversees the entire operation of the MSC. The Chairman's power or reach has no bounds and his responsibilities are determined by what needs to be currently ironed out in the group. The current Chairman of the MSC is Larson McFerren ( @Lyra )

Prime Minister: An honorary rank for previous government members who have done extensive work in times past. The Prime Minister acts as an aide to the District Governor and other Ministers and has limited authority. The current Prime Ministers of the MSC are Jake Lee ( @Jake Lee )

District Governor: As the direct head of Government, the District Governor organizes the Ministers and assigns tasks for each one of them to do. The District Governor can be viewed as an 'enforcer' for the MSC, since it's the DG's job to enforce all policies and regulations. The District Governor has authority over all activities in the group and works with the Chairman when needed. The current District Governor is James Creamy ( @Creamy™ )

Minister: Ministers are the backbone of the MSC. Each Minister acts as the head of their own Ministry. These ministries act as the many departments that make the government function. The current list of Ministers are as follows: the Minister of Propaganda & Education ( Available ), Minister of Development & Infrastructure ( @Azio ), Minister of Finance & Economics ( @Sheogorath 66 ), and Minister of Information & Immigration ( Available ).

Deputy Minister: The rank of Deputy Minister is typically given to users when a Ministry is needing assistance in completing its tasks. The Deputy Minister rank is also used when a user is still being trained to become a full-time government member.

Agencies of the MSC Government:

Metropolitan Research Group (MRG): The MRG is the official research group of the MSC that produces dupes, e2's, and other tech for the group. The MRG is under the authority of the Minister of Development & Infrastructure.

Intelligence Corps (IC): The IC is a secretive and clandestine agency that serves as the MSC's official intelligence body. The IC is under the authority of the Minister of Information & Immigration.

The military is the most popular avenue most MSC members like to take. The MSC offers three divisions members can choose to join: the 142nd Specialist Division, the 190th Defense Division, and the 327th Attack Division. The MSC military's objectives are determined by which division a user is in. Do keep in mind that being a member of one division does not mean a member can't assist other divisions in their operations.

Military Divisions of the MSC:

142nd Division:
A division comprised of the most loyal and capable fighters within the MSC. The 142nd is the hardest division to join since there are only three slots available in the Division and one must already have held the rank of Sentinel in another division for two months. Users who want to be in the 142nd also have to be handpicked by the Division Commander of the 142nd.

190th Division: A division that deals with internal security, base defense and bodyguarding. Members of the 190th also assist the 327th in their combat operations and ensure that MSC interests, whatever that may entail, are being protected from harm.

327th Division: A division that serves as the frontline offensive unit against the Combine. The main directive of the 327th is to do as much harm to the Universal Union as possible.

Ranks of the MSC Military:

General: The highest rank in the MSC's military. The General is responsible for the appointment of Division Commanders, checking rosters for each division, setting financial policy for the military, approving all military handbooks for use in each division, enforcement of government standards, and more. The General has absolute authority over the entire military and can make any decision for the military that they see fit. The current General of the MSC is Bill Leonard ( @admrive )

Division Commander: The highest-ranking officer within a division. The Division Commander has the power to recruit, promote, and demote members of the division, create events and operations for the division, manage the official division roster, create broadcasts in the Discord, conduct division trainings, and more. The Division Commander is also responsible for handling disputes in the division. This rank can be regarded as a "commanding officer" rank.

Captain: Captains are the 'right hand' officers to the Division Commander. Captains are rebel mains within the MSC who have dedicated a tremendous amount of effort to the group and are comfortable with leading their division. Captains have almost the same amount of authority as the Division Commander, but typically do not manage the division roster. The Captain also organizes events and trainings alongside their Division Commander. This rank can be regarded as a "commanding officer" rank.

Sentinel: Sentinels are competent soldiers of the MSC military who have shown initiative by leading their division and taking part in numerous operations. The authority level of the Sentinel is determined by the Division Commander, but generally, Sentinels are able to train lower ranking members and give orders whenever needed. This rank can be regarded as a "non-commissioned officer" rank.

Lancer: Lancers are the standard foot-soldiers within the MSC. Lancers listen to orders given by Sentinels and higher and participate in events/operations made. This rank can be regarded as an "enlisted" rank.

Recruit: Recruits are the starting rank someone receives as soon as they join a division. Recruits need to be trained by a Sentinel+ and be in the division for about a week before they can be promoted to Lancer.

The civilian populous is made up of anyone who is not working for the government, an agency, or is not in a military division. Civilians in the MSC enjoy the freedom to create whatever RP event, organization, or business they want under the general protection and support of the MSC. The MSC government will always support any attempt for its members to make RP for the server and group.

Final Remarks:

The MSC is a determined group of users who prefer a more serious side to roleplay. If a person wants to be a part of a flexible and non-mingy group with loads of possibilities, join the MSC. We value and appreciate the effort every member of the MSC makes. Want to join? Find us in-game!
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Dec 12, 2019
Update: 8/2/2021

- Alex M.'s business has given massive amounts of gear to the MSC military
- MSC recruitment is through the roof
- MSC banking, stock market, and tax system in the works
- New military award system created
- Rebel group RCL has disbanded to join the MSC
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Dec 12, 2019
Update: 8/29/2021

-Second Chance Program has been created

Users who want to join, but are unable to because of a bad punishment record, are now able to apply for the Second Chance Program (SCP). The program allows people with bad records to join the group under certain conditions. The idea behind the program is to give past rulebreakers a chance to involve themselves positively within the community. We believe that people who have broken rules can change occasionally for the better, so the MSC wants to extend an offer to people who no longer want to break server rules.

Here are the requirements:

1: Any user who wants to apply for the second chance program must be 15+ and have not received a punishment within the last two months. Within those two months, the user must have played for at least 30 hours.

2: The user must agree to not break any more server rules and must be respectful. If a SCP member is disrespectful or breaks any rules, they will be immediately kicked from the MSC.

3: The user must be willing to share what punishments they have accrued.

While users will be on thin ice within the MSC, they will be given a special opportunity that no other MSC member will be allowed. I have decided to create a special division for SCP members called the 11th Logistics Division. Members of the second chance program have the opportunity to help aid other divisions when in combat by supplying them with food and supplies. Alternatively, SCP members can also just be civilians within the MSC, but they will not get the opportunity to join other divisions or subsections within the MSC.

We are hopeful that this will allow users with bad records to feel more welcome within the community without jeopardizing the high-quality standard of the MSC.

(*NOTICE*: The MSC Government can still deny someone due to a bad record. The SCP is not a guarantee that someone can join-- it's only an option)

-Four Hours of Violence

Members of the 142nd, 190th and 327th successfully fought combine forces for a collective time of 4 hours. There was a plaza raid that resulted in numerous OTA and CP deaths. ( // OTA fought hard ). Today has been an absolutely crazy day for the MSC. I am very proud of all the members who took part.
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