I started a JW as a CA but I was not aware I had to ask perm first what do i do?

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Mar 15, 2020
The only people who should really be authorizing Judgement Waivers are either SqL+ or Admins. Basically, you should ask the highest ranking unit online whether or not there will be a JW.

If no supervisor units are online, you should always call staff first to check the reasons.

If neither staff nor a supervisor is on, you're probably in low-pop. Make sure you understand the rules and coordinate with the rest of the Combine players about the JW. You cannot start a Judgement Waiver without having 4 of the specific reasons outlined in the rules.
Oct 16, 2020
I wasn't aware I had to ask where would it say that I asked an admin and he said the rules but I can't find it and also and can't access the rules for some reason what's going on?

Jack Silverlight™️

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May 23, 2020
Link to the rules.

You can find the JW rules at 6.1 to 6.5

I'll paste the "Activating JW" rules here in case you really can't access them for some reason.

6.1 Activating a Judgement Waiver
  • For a Judgement Waiver to be activated, the following conditions must be met:
  • ALL items from Section A must be met.
  • At least FOUR items from Section B must be met.
  • Reasons from Section B can stack up.
  • Example:
  • 6 CPs die in the last ten minutes, that may count as TWO reasons (2 x 3+ CPs have died in the last ten minutes)
  • 2 DvLs and a CmD dies in the last ten minutes, that counts as THREE reasons.
  • Section A
  • There has not been a Judgement waiver for 30 minutes
  • Section B
  • 3+ CP’s have died in the last ten minutes
  • 1+ OTA has died in the last ten minutes (doesn’t include shadow raid members)
  • A DvL+ has died in the last ten minutes
  • The CA has been attacked directly and taken damage in the last ten minutes
  • There has been a rebel attack on the ration area where at least one of the rebels evaded death or capture in the last ten minutes.
  • There has been a rebel attack on a MANNED Combine Checkpoint, where at least one of the rebels evaded death or capture in the last ten minutes
  • An IED explosion within the city, AND within sight of a CP in the last ten minutes
  • The gathering of SIGNIFICANT intelligence on rebels, that needs a waiver to be acted upon. (EG: Someone informs a JURY of a rebel base in the 404 zones, and a Waiver is required to act on this information)
  • An entire shadow raid squad has been killed during an operation (every member must be dead)
  • There has been an attack on the Plaza or Nexus (counts as one reason for each)
  • OTA, Civil Protection and the City Administrator must cooperate with each other when activating a JW, however, the highest-ranking (SqL+) Civil Protection units always have the final decision when JW is activated.
  • Autonomous Judgement is only activated during events

Charles Ross

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May 6, 2020
I started a JW as a CA but I was not aware I had to ask perm first and now I'm combine banned for 2 days but I wanted to be combine for event, what do I do?
As long as you can Provide 4 JW reasons don't worry about confirming it with staff if none are on since the 4 Reasons (If Valid) obviously validates the JW in itself. If people question it in OOC. Don't Mention the Reasons till After JW.

Edit: You DON'T need to make a sit for JW checking Unless unsure. If sure go ahead if you are the Only Person who can Activte it


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Jul 5, 2020
The reason for a Combine Ban is that you have activated a Judgment Waiver without any agreement or notice to CP/OTA units. In the Admin sit, you argued that you saw many deaths of CP Units (BSLs) and so you turned it on. We only had 3 reasons, and we needed 4. Use your time during the combine ban which is only 2 days and read the rules carefully. Also, realize what the Judgement Waiver means because you don't know. Judgment Waiver is a state of crisis where OTA units are deployed to fight rebels and clear all 404 Zones (Sewers, Rebel Train-Yard, Nexus Rail-Way). Invalid activation may cause many complications, such as the unjustified killing of a citizen by OTA Units, CP Rushing the Sewers, which allows Judgment Waiver to enter these zones.

If you feel I've been unfair, feel free to submit a support ticket here.
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