Death punishment

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Nov 17, 2019
What is currenly a punishment for dying ? 50s loading screen and you're rewarded with 60hunger and 100HP too
Man, it almost wanna make me kill myself just to get my hunger/health back or minge around CP's just for them to kill me lmao

Death is not a punishment, people worry about death only when they got valuable shit on them

So what possible ways might there be to fix said problem ?
- you still lose items and

a) GTA V style respawns

You die and respawn at the hospital (or if vin is lazy just at the trainstation)
50/100T are deducted from your account and that would either:
- you get back to full health, if you dont have enough cash you get 30HP
- or you get to 50HP (still 50T/100T), if you want more you need to pay more to the CWU Medic (CWU medic needs an overhaul tho, coz the current way of the "full heal" is gay as shit)

b) Delay rations and lower hunger on death

If you die, your ration timer gets additional 10min added,
so if you were a minute away from getting a tasty ration you get 11 minutes and lower hunger than you started with (and if u suicided to get it, read point c)
60hunger after a death is bs, especially when u had 10 and u got 50hunger points for dying
Make it so dying makes hunger go to 30

c) Suicide = bad time

Everything triples on suicide death
- respawn goes from 50s to 150 seconds
- ration extra delay is also tripled
- job timer is also tripled (i'd also make it into 5min for both job change and locker coz NLR will never be fully respected)
- health and hunger would be 10 (combine just spent valuable resources saving your ass from death you caused, ur not getting special treatment if u want one = pay up)
- if a smarty stats killing himself repeatedly staff should be notified too, but I think all things above might be a punishment enough
- also a way for non lethal takedowns, if u wanna suicide by cop at least have an axe to lose

Death is universal, its not a CP nor Rebel buff/nerf


Nov 17, 2019
what if you get RDMed/ wrongfully or accidentally killed, it will be a pain for staff to sort out
I’m guessing in the sit the guy would just refund you
Or have a screen saying "You're at a hospital and your condition is stable, would you like a full heal ?" and you chose there
but that would sorta miss the point coz then people would just use HELIXes
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Mar 28, 2020
Hi I'm the guy that was quoted. I now believe that what should be punished in-gameplay especially isn't normal death, but death while zip-tied.
A significant, but not too big amount of tokens taken from you 'cause you were executed by Combies? Man, jail really don't sound that bad now.
An easy way to induce FearRP without having to involve the poor, overworked mods is to make the players themselves afraid of a non-optimal outcome and also to add a stun function to the stunstick so that forceful arrest is a thing.
I would +Support, but I know vinegar doesn't give a three shites about what we think.
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