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Jun 24, 2020
Antofagasta, Chile
hello and welcome to my proposal of making code names an IC thing.
why should Code names should be implemented?: to distinguish and give a more unique touch to especific CP units and to not have a conversation of ;
[RADIO] CP-C17-UNION-SqL-5412: 4 2 3 5 come to my 10-20
[RADIO] CP-C17-UNION-I1-4235: Uhhh SqL call me Xray 9 please
[RADIO] CP-C17-UNION-I1-4235: Xray 9 Responding.

everytime a leader mentions you from your numbers. in addition, naming numbers instead of a codename could flood the radio and make CP VCs annoying.
how could this be implemented?: my idea is that when you hit i1 a menu will appear advicing the player that if he would like to change his numbers to a codename, only VALID codenames should be allowed, and code names like: Wasteriver , Shit! , Haha ETC should NOT be allowed.
(Edit: Taglines such as Can-4 would be okay as long it doesn't activate the VC, pain-1 as well and such)
other codenames not allowed for more especific reasons would be : Jury , Helix , Union , Grid, Dvl, Sql, Cmd and Leader . i will explain why leader is not allowed later.
PREVIEW: for example; units that changed their codenames will no longer have in his Hud and Chat normal CP numbers, instead they would look something like this :
(i know the edit looks kind of silly but it's because i don't know how to use photoshop and used MSPaint instead)

in addition the 10-8 message at the upper left corner will show the codename and not normal numbers.

SqL+ and LDR only feature: SqL+ and OTA LDR will be given the option of having Leader. as his last part of the codename,
instead of :
he could choose to be:
and same thing for OTA LDRs.

Well, i don't think i have anything else to add to this Suggestion, i think it's good so far, if you have any correction or something to add let me know in the comments and i may edit the suggestion with your addition.

GHOST-1 out.
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Nov 17, 2019
i like the idea of taglines but this will just look weird as shit