Character Description/Backstory thread :)


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Mar 17, 2020
Pierre-Jean Valois
Pierre was raised and born in the Bourgogne region, France, more precisely, near the French city of Nivernais. He spent a lot of time alongside his family, his father, and his mother. The lifestyle was slow-paced, quiet. There were days where one would just not do much, except grasping the at the landscape that was "crossed" by the sun rays. Like any other man, Pierre was marching to a meter set down by the change of seasons. Springs, Summers, Autumns and Winters. But..these are just normal things, aren't they? Well..not entirely. Pierre spent most of the time in his youth together with his father. Growing wine was no easy business. By no means was it easy for them, but it was enough to sustain their housing. While considered a mundane job at the time, harvesting grapes brought not only some money. -- But it made the bond between the small family stronger. As time passed, Pierre has had his share of emotions. He didn't always agree with them. But it didn't take him long to understand why things are how they are. Near the Bourgogne region, life was expensive. Everything was affordable, but not at a cheap price, that is. Everything is based on hard work. This is what made Pierre realize that he must be the better. He was soon to be the last relative alive. But surely that was not expected from his side at that time...Even today, he dearly remembers the memories. It is not sadness that he holds in him, but pure joy! All-in-all, he tries to make the best out of what he has.

The 7-hours war didn't catch him that well. He was in the middle of his studies. -- Such a great moment to start a war, no? Anyhow, at that time, he studied philosophy: The work focused on science and humanism. Humanism emphasizes the importance of the inner world of the learner and places the individual's thoughts, emotions, and feelings at the forefront of all human development. Science would contrast with this by bringing certainties and factual information. While fascinated at this, he kept going with this, but there was this time when he realized: "I cannot even cook a cabbage with this..". He laughed that shortly after shaking his head, realizing what he just said. Still, he was very content and confident with himself. He caught up faith and at first, tried to make off a good living by becoming a vendor into the Civil Workers Union. Opening up a store? Would do nice. But..that is not truly what he sought. He do the right thing. Always did. He decided to join the Civil Protection Force. His motivation being eager to help. And what he always wanted. To help. Nothing more, nothing less. The perks that come together with his position..they have some value to an extent: he does not consider them this much, but sure knows to appreciate the goods received. But anyhow..he grew up with his position. He appreciated the comforts and the people around him, no matter how far they took it with him. Even with the people that may have the illest intents, he truly wishes no harm. But that does not mean he doesn't defend himself when needed. --He is a curious and determined individual, trying to get his questions answered. There are still things demanding some answers...

The newest district he was relocated, lies now in ruins. Steadfast, he will find his way... to whatever there lies ahead.