Bonjour, nice to meet you :)

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Jul 11, 2021
Hello, I'm a French guy who's been playing this server for a little month now.
(yeah, I'm a "french element" who disrupt the bonds of society)

I played a lot on HL2DM (hail to you if you know me from SSS Secret Server Staatsfeind by the way), but I got kind of bored and spammed of suggestions on youtube about HL2RP, especially the videos by Universel Architect (amazing player btw).

I'm really hooked on the impulse server, and now I'm trying to be a CP main. I'll say it's not easy everyday, people yelling at you because they don't get what semi-serious mean, the langage barrier, rebels trying to shotcop you, but that doesn't discourage me !

Hope you have a great day and you enjoy your stay on the server as much as me :)