Ban Request - McDaddy945 - STEAM_0:0:218146249

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Inky The Moth

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Jul 23, 2020
Offender in-game name: McDaddy945
Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:218146249
Date & time of offence: 9/15/2020 around 10 pm
Rules broken: Starting JW without admin approval as a OTA LDR

Explanation of events/context: So of course there were a lot of rebel attacks but at the moment where JW started there was no admins online at least that I am aware of (you can look at the timeframe I guess and see if any admins were online), as you can see from the footage McDaddy945 was the only OTA LDR on so thus was the only one who could have started a JW, I had to pull the fact that I was streaming this for him to stop it and he proceeded to immediately disconnect from the game.

Supporting evidence: (Can go back in footage if need be) footage this is a snip-it of this

Extra notes: Small bit of profanity in footage, i'm a little bit of a potty mouth but nothing major, f bomb here, and such

I will note that it may not be clear to OTA LDRs whether or not one could do a judgement waiver, that is all ill say on that front, simply because they CAN trigger judgement waiver.
Not open for further replies.