Denied Ban Request - cRimSOn - STEAM_0:0:0

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Jun 8, 2021
Offender in-game name: cRimSOn
Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:0
Date & time of offence: 3:15pm
Rules broken: Arresting for no reason, tear gas for no reason, almost killing for no reason,

Explanation of events/context: I was cooking food and there some people just playing music for a bit not long but then he comes in and ruin's it then start's tear gasing everyone inside and arrested one person and almost kill's me

Supporting evidence: i have like the hole server having my back and the people here


Oct 19, 2020
My defence:
During my PT assignment, I was assigned to a squad with an OfC to go on AirWatch patrol duty. During my scans of the city, I noticed a gathering of civilians. I requested for my OfC's permission to raid the building over the squadradio, of which he granted. He then went out alongside me and we began dispersing the civilians. Once I noticed that the large influx of civilians were refusing my orders, I saw it fit to deploy tear gas to isolate them. This worked, only for a brief moment. I then picked out who I assumed the ringleader was, and took him in for an arrest (malcompliance initially, promoting communal unrest soon after. I did not make the charges as he was released by a Union i4).

The entire ordeal was within reason, and was done at the permission of my Commanding Officer at the time.

EDIT: There were never reports of shots fired in the raid, so I don't see how I could've nearly killed someone.
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