Accepted Ban Request - CP-C17-GRID-i3-2036\1080 - STEAM_0:0:229848445

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Icy Check

Jan 13, 2021
Offender in-game name: CP-C17-GRID-i3-2036\1080
Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:229848445
Date & time of offence: May 9, 2021 GMT +3
Rules broken: FearRP/Suicide to avoid defunction. ERP

Explanation of events/context: Before the restart, This man said "I'm Cumming for you CA" and "Robert big Cock I'm cumming for you" I went to Reeducate him as he proceeds to annoy me so I mark him defunct for 10-103m as he intentionally did it multiple times. A couple of minutes pass and the CA reports of a grid trying to get over to the CA's office as he said on the radio "Robert big Cock I'm cumming for you" I walk up there to find out what's going on. I tell the grid to go back on duty as he proceeds to walk off the gap.

Supporting evidence:
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