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Legacy LeXSton

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Nov 22, 2019
Appeal type: Apology (accept the validity of the punishment)

Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?:
I was sorry that I was Racist on the server time, I did say this word to Ben Howards who did bother me twice, as I asked him twice do you need a security guard.

I did not mean to say this word to him, I definitely should've said "get out" or "get lost" after when he left, I did felt guilty of what I've said to him, and decided to turn myself in and tell Sprite that I said the N-word to someone and I would like to be punished cause I know what I did was very bad.

I Would like to be unbanned from the server and I Will Try my best and all of mighty, to not say these words and I do understand and how rude they are to others that may find it offensive.

I know this is a bit you know... bad, but I have been given a bad record, I know I've been warned a few times and a few bans here and there, but I will promise and will try my best to stop making these ridiculous bans/warns again I am Sorry for the Racism Ben Howards and Impulse Mods and I'm Sorry Bad-Record Impulse Mods.

Extra notes:
I've gotten proof of what happened and when I was in a sit with Sprite can at the time
my ban
and video proof:


Game Moderator
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Apr 16, 2020
Because of how sincere I feel you are, I have given some thought to this, and I have decided to reduce the ban. Please try to control yourself next time, as a repeat of this will not be good for you or your record. I wish to see you again sometime soon.
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