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funi man

Feb 26, 2020
USA, California, San Diego
Appeal type: Appeal (reject the validity of the punishment)
Are you appealing an expired ban or a warning?: No

Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?:
Hello. I would like to appeal a warn that I believed was unjustly given. "Disrespectful Behavior-Jose-18.04.2021 05:25-Half-Life 2: Roleplay."

What ended up occurring was that Jose had stated that he was leaving going to get off the server, in which I replied, "Ok bootleg Santos." I said this as a joke, without disrespect or meaning to be rude. I made the joke simply to get a laugh out of him, considering the fact I thought we were on good terms. I've talked to him, asked him questions, invited him to my birthday party to help out with things, etc. which is why I didn't see a problem. If I didn't know him at all, I wouldn't of made the joke. I have made a similar joke in the past, and so have others. The only time I recall Jose feeling mad/offended was when I was in a VC with him and made the joke again, since someone, or Jose had mentioned that not many people liked him due to him, "abusing his power, etc." which I didn't think was true. I made a comment about it, in which he stated that if I was going to make jokes like that he should leave, or something under the lines of that, in which I quickly told him I was being sarcastic. Telling him that made me think he would understand that anything involving moderator abuse was likely a joke, which due to this, seems to not be the case. I would of not made the joke if he would of simply told me, "Hey, don't do it, I don't really like it," as I thought the reason Jose was upset was he might of thought I did believe he was abusing, which I didn't.

I felt this was an invalid warm, as I didn't break any rules. I didn't harass him about it afterword's, and I've only talked to him in VC about it only two to three times, (correct me if I'm wrong.) I've made multiple jokes involving moderators that I know. The joke, #DEMOTEFETOR if that rings a bell would be my best example. Did I actually want him to be demoted? No, he's my friend, but it was a joke. He never pulled me aside or DMed me asking for me to stop, in which I would, but that was never requested. Muting someone for simply making a joke without pulling them into a sit, (he had to leave,) but then not even DMing me afterwards (he can immediately contact me, since as I said, we weren't the best of friends, but on good terms.) just seems like someone who isn't enforcing the rules, but simply trying to meet a "quota." Are we not allowed to make sarcastic jokes towards moderators? I never harassed him with these jokes, but as stated, he never requested it to stop. I've talked with two past moderators and one former before I made the appeal, who both felt it was invalid, and one didn't know, if that means anything.

Thank you for reading this.

Extra notes:
It would be appreciated if Jose would possibly explain to me why he warned me instead of telling me, "Hey, please don't make that joke."
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Jun 24, 2020
City 1
In the past, I have made it clear that I do not want you to make jokes about me. This is not the first time you have compared me to Santos and when you have I said I didn’t like it. The difference between you staring the #DemoteFetor and you comparing me to Santos is that Fetor was okay with you doing that and I am not. Even if you didn’t intend to be disrespectful or rude towards me, it was still taken as rude. You have to understand that even if you intend no harm, what your saying can be harmful.

Due to the fact you made a clarification about the comment you made a couple nights ago, I have decided to remove the warn from your record. In the future, if you make the same or similar comments about me it will be met with a punishment.

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