Accepted Ban Appeal - Desxon

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Nov 17, 2019
Appeal type: Apology (accept the validity of the punishment)

Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?:
First of all I honestly didn't know that posting a SCREENSHOT with this world would get me muted in the first place, I was recently unmuted (1 day ago) and i honestly wasn't expecting a insta mute, but rather a warn (which I got only 2 of)

Gotta say that sure, saying F word is bad and making an extra alt account just added fuel to the fire, but overall I just made this alt the same day so i can go on the server and send a single meme

The point I'm trying to overall make is: I do not support PC culture, banning words will not make me stop using them, but I'll try to keep my mouth shut this time and stick to #memes and sometimes #discussions

You can honestly just ban me from #general just in case, I just want to be unmuted

Also #voicetext and #music-bot it's honestly frustrating that I have no access to those

Extra notes:
I can delete the alt account if you request it, but honestly I started using it to test shit on my own discord and it's hardbanned anyways

Original unmute time Tue Sep 22 08:50:38 PDT 2020 before it got turned to perma
Not open for further replies.