Denied Ban Appeal - Azio

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Nov 7, 2020
United Kingdom.
Appeal type: Appeal (reject the validity of the punishment)
Are you appealing an expired ban or a warning?: Yes
Warning/ban reason: '4345 Ignoring PainRP | Breaking Fearrp Santos 07.01.2021 19:54 Half-Life 2: Roleplay'

Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?:
This warn was issued a significant time ago and the day after I received it I disagreed with it but well, to be honest. I simply had no hope that the warn would be removed at all. The reason I'm appealing it is to do with the fact at no point was I (A) Taken to a sit (B) Ban requested or (C) Contacted via PMs or any other method of communication informing me that I had broken the rules or been punished for it. I only realised the next day because I checked my panel due to the OfC apps reopening when I noticed that I had been warned. Back at the time I noticed I had the warning was at B210 when I was a CP/Civilian main and in all fairness I cannot recall nor could I recall back then anything what so ever that I had done to be remotely close to Ignoring PainRP and Fear RP.

Prior to making this ban appeal I have searched all three RP names I have ever had since D47 as well as my steam ID to double check I have never received a ban request.
RP Name: Azion Doss:
RP Name: Sir Edward Lance:
RP Name: Madam Edward Lance:
Steam ID:

Extra notes:
I understand I should've made this warn appeal a long time ago but as I said I just had no faith in it being removed back then and although I still feel the same way regardless I felt I might as well try. Thank you.


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Nov 16, 2019
Sadly this is going to be denied since it was a long time ago, and there is no recording of the incident
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