"AXON" Bodycam Overlay for OBS + Included Tutorial

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Dr. Dispenser

Nov 24, 2020
California of the US of A
Hi, so...

I know CPs don't wear Bodycams nvm they do, but I've used it on other servers, and I primarily use it for Reports and stuff.

I've been trying to immerse myself in [REDACTED SERVER NAME] so much that I had an idea that if I could record situations and use them as evidence with my "bodycam." Why not make it look like an actual body cam footage by adding in the overlay?
Full Discloser: I did not make this
So a quick google search led me to an HTML code script that allows this to happen! Just a few bits of customization in the 81st line of the code with your Name "First Initial. Last name". Agency name: "[REDACTED CITY NAME THAT IS DERIVATIVE FROM THE SERVER NAME] Police Department / [REDACTED COUNTY NAME] Sheriff's Department, your Callsign "Bravo-01" Or use Example Below and... That's it.

It includes a fully working clock on it, preset to your timezone, and synced with time.

All you need to do follow the steps below and Profit!
I'll link in some footage of this in action, and please don't critique my shooting. ;-; Bank Robbery | Mayoral Corruption | Interrogation | Taken Hostage | Random Thing

If you want, I will also link on how to get this here.

OR Follow below

Click on this Google Drive Link and click Download All.

Once downloaded, please unzip and put the File named "AXON Directory" and put it anywhere you want.

Inside the Folder should be an HTML File named "Civil Protection".

Opening it will lead to a small preview of what it would look like

This code is already preset for a UNION i1

Here, please edit with Notepad++.

Once in Notepad++, please scroll down to Line 81 as instructed at the top.
Here you'll see 3 things you can edit.
Only Change what is between the Quotation Marks. Anything else will risk breaking the code.


Note: The Brackets in the Callsign line are necessary as it appears next to your Name in the Overlay.

You can literally put anything inside those quotation marks, but I like a formality.

Once you are done, please save.

Now launch OBS Studio.

Press the + Button in the Scenes box and Create a Scene. Name can be anything.

Now In that Scene, press the + button in the Sources Box.

A drop-down menu should appear, and please click on the button stating Browser.

This menu should pop up.
Please check the box stating Local file.

This little tab should pop up. Click on the Browe Button and select the Civil Protection HTML File from earlier and select OK.

Without the other Scenes and Sources. Your application should look similar to this.

You can adjust the size of the Overlay by selecting it.
Note: Please note the Combine HUD in-game has elements on the top right, so position the Overlay a little down, so it doesn't obstruct it.

If requested, I will extend this tutorial into showing you how to record Gameplay/ Display footage.
Another note: If the clock isn't working or the red dot isn't flashing. Select the Brower Source and press the Refresh Button

As I said, I did not make this overlay, but I worked hard on making this tutorial. <3
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May 11, 2020
CPs do have bodycams, juries investigate on dead CP bodies by looking at the bodycam's cache, impulse lore-friendly
The bodycams aren't actual things you can look at, would be cool if they were and would make Jury a hell of a lot more fun to play other than stand still over body watching loading bar and hope rebels don't peek up your skirt trench coat