Agh Lah Turr

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Aug 1, 2020
VICE Headquarters
Agh Lah Turr

(logo made by @Sem Daniel )
Agh Lah Turr is a vortigaunt group ive been wanting to make for a while, I wanted to continue what other vortigaunt groups had before and similar to them. Its like a small city like group of vortigaunts that will do passiveRP mainly in 404 areas (shell beach) and have somewhat of a council that performs passiveRP like events.
Agh Lah Turr is a group of kin that have stranded away from the combine. Before the combines arrival they have been communicating with eachother using vortessence, and finding the unset future. After the slavery our Kin have been put into, they wish to save this universe and their kind. They want to bring peace upon them and escape the slavery from the combine. This group of kin has created small town's that are away from the city and live normal life there. They also wish to use the vortessence, and set a new future for them and other visitors of there places. Some kin will be chefs and shop owner's for the town to keep it a stable town. They greet citizens/visitors who seem to stumble into their town. After the Universal Unions arrival they wish to set the future for this universe and themselves.

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