(ACPS) - Apex Civil Protection Squad

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<:: Pinging local servers... ::>
<:: Checking Bio-signal... ::>
<:: Data acquired - File #0420 (APEX-CPS) ::>

Civil Protection Squad

We are a well trained Civil Protection Squad that utilizes tactics & communication to the furthest extent.
All units, when full active, are connected to the radio for superior response time, communication and co-ordination.

This is a squad where units can hone their leadership and tactical ability. Any unit regardless of rank are given opportunities to lead PTs'.
This group is not primarily focused on combat, but instead the general roleplay aspect of Civil Protection.

Standard Operations
Standard operations have 2 PTs'.
When required, one unit takes command of both, therefore enabling tactics on a greater scale.
Our duty is to preserve socio-stability of civic-populous regions in collaboration with Group 46.
Code: Duty. Inquire. Quell.

Founded as a Special Squad, ACPS started its activity back in City 17 in an undercover state and formerly known as DEFENDER SOCPT (Special Operations Civil Protection Team). Few members knew about this project, but it was revealed soon in their first mission - capturing a rebel leader. The operation was a success and since then, multiple operations have been held.

On <█████> the SOCPT commander undertook a mission with a PT, but is now marked MIA.
Therefore a new one was assigned & information was purposely leaked to anti-citizen groups as to give the impression that the squad was disbanded, which it technically was. SOCPT was recreated into a Squad with a completely different internal structure and is now under the new identity of ACPS (Apex Civil Protection Squad).

Industrial 17 serves, for now, as the headquarters of the project. Its location is unknown to the public, as most of the ACPS members are undercover.

Internal Ranking System
The ranking within this squad is completely internal. Anyone outside of the squad will most likely not know your internal rank.
Chain of command isn't strictly enforced here, if you feel like being in command of a PT or two, simply request it to an i1 or above who is full active.

Intention 3 (i3)
A fresh recruit in training. They will learn the structure, codes & procedures of the team along with how to operate effectively within a Squad/PT.
They are in a 7 day trial period.

Intention 2 (i2):
Units that have successfully completed their training period. They are ready to serve and are expected to work well within the squad.

Intention 1 (i1)
These units are trusted to complete difficult tasks, train recruits & lead PTs in the absence of a PTL.
They have proved their competence & absolute loyalty to the squad.

Protection Team Leader (PTL)
They have proved their leadership & tactical skill to a high degree, therefore have been charged with the task of handling Protection Teams.

How to join
This is an invite only group.
You must have a good reputation as a Civil Protection unit, and an invitation from one of our established units in order to be recruited.

Roster (member list)
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