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  1. Twitidig

    Make a tag that says when you've lost connection so UU and Staff know you've lost connection.

    Just give them 30min to join back in. Otherwise LTAPers would just deactivate their router
  2. Twitidig

    Fining system

    *spawns in a prop weapon as a CP* *drops prop near citizen* "SUSPECT HAS A FIREARM" *starts killing the citizen* guns can be easily abused
  3. Twitidig

    Disable sprint firing

    You get slowed down when you are being shot type of system
  4. Twitidig

    Disable sprint firing

    I would prefere a system like in CSGO so neutral
  5. Twitidig

    Veteran Achivement

    I dont think its possible
  6. Twitidig

    Rule Suggestion New Rule: Mods must warn someone before deleting their props.

    I thought this was already a thing. I once requested a building to be deleted after our CP team destroyed it and the mod said the owner didnt save the building yet and that it will be deleted later
  7. Twitidig

    C08 Slums ladder

  8. Twitidig

    Grid Shotgun

    I dont know if you are some kind of masochist but its not fun fighting them
  9. Twitidig

    Grid Shotgun

    +support , will help CPs against the armored bois. Needs to be limited to 2 Grids who can carry them so they dont replace Union tho
  10. Twitidig

    Leaving for a while.

    See you soon
  11. Twitidig

    Exploit that really needs to be patched out

    why is this singleplayer? Did you test even test that on impulse?
  12. Twitidig

    Kick counter

    is that luck or am I just dumb?
  13. Twitidig

    Kick counter

    How many have been kicked because staff had priorty? Everyone that has been kicked please comment
  14. Twitidig

    give rewards to people who report many rule breakers and help staff members?

    I know B-hopping is against RP and should be against the Rules , but I rather have a staff catch someone who does Mass-RDM then some dude who thinks he can run faster by jumping
  15. Twitidig

    give rewards to people who report many rule breakers and help staff members?

    -support . I think people would just start reporting not serious offences like B-Hopping.
  16. Twitidig

    How would you feel about an Impulse OutlandsRP?

    a Server where Rebels could fight with OTA on a regular base? YES
  17. Twitidig

    medkit cooldown