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  1. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Accepted Ban Request - Juno Junovanna - STEAM_0:0:166808632

    Offender in-game name: Juno Junovanna Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:166808632 Date & time of offence: 27/02/2021 around17:50 Rules broken: Prop climb and Prop abuse Explanation of events/context: I joined the server left spawn and saw the offender using two barrels to climb up to the...
  2. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Accepted Ban Request - OTA-C8-RANGER-LDR-2334 - STEAM_0:0:163991872

    Offender in-game name: OTA-C8-RANGER-LDR-2334 Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:163991872 Date & time of offence: 25/02/2021 around 20:50 Rules broken: Failrp and Job Abuse Explanation of events/context: While the offender was playing as a Ranger Leader they began to spam voice lines into radio...
  3. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Denied Ban Request - OTA-C8-ECHO-LDR-2444 - STEAM_0:1:25621740

    Offender in-game name: OTA-C8-ECHO-LDR-2444 Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:25621740 Date & time of offence: 25/01/2021 20:30 GMT Rules broken: 1.0 disrespectful behaviour Explanation of events/context: I was playing as Citizen reading ooc chat inside my apartment when i noticed someone say...
  4. Sheepyk (Silver)

    My view on Overwatch. The opinion you didn't ask for nor care about.

    (This is not a forum about the AR2 this post would be gigantic if it was this is about the mentality and how i see others view Overwatch.) TL;DR: I believe some people that play Overwatch need to get their head out of their ass and not act like a CP. I acknowledge that this is a semi-serious...
  5. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Stabilization Team: NOMAD

    IC info: Stabilization Team: NOMAD is a stabilization team based around tactical and effective thinking to defend or assault positions. NOMAD consists of two squads named NOMAD 1 and NOMAD 2, both squads consist of ECHO and MACE units labelled as SWORD and SHIELD respectively. NOMAD are a deadly...
  6. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Can SQLs command OTA LDRs?

    I'm just curious im not gonna start telling a story on "ThIs Cp ToLD mE wHAt to DO" when i was OTA leader.
  7. Sheepyk (Silver)

    RP group submitting?

    I know, i know, last one i swear really don't want to bugger this too bad. Straight to it, when submitting an RP group do i need to present it to a mod or can i submit it on the RP group page?
  8. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Best way to 'advertise' an RP group?

    Sorry but yes it is i once more, as stated before i am working on an Rp group but before i can submit the group i need one more member to meet the 3 member requirement and i would like to hear some recommendations for 'advertising'. Apologise if this isn't really a question but im kinda new to...
  9. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Roleplay Groups?

    Hey everyone, i am planning to create my own RP Group, but before i do i have a few questions. 1. For obvious reasons an RP group requires at least 3 members, i am wondering how do i get them i mean i have 1 person who is interested but i still need at least one more before putting my idea up...
  10. Sheepyk (Silver)

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone My name is Sheepyk. You will see me as Lewis Kenny (If im not playing OTA) so first of all things about me, why not. Yes i am a furry (Sona's name is Silverpelt but thinking of just calling him Silver). I'm Scottish, and have been playing Impulse for about 5 months now. That...
  11. Sheepyk (Silver)


    Now this maybe a stupid question but do RANGERs have to sit on the catwalks until a JW or can they sit in nexus like other OTA, also is there anywhere else the ranger can look over other than the train tracks. Again sorry if this is a really simple question but im just curious. Thanks!