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    Sandtraps event thread

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    Accepted Ban Request - CP-C17-GRID-i3-1190 - STEAM_0:0:32113623

    Offender in-game name: CP-C17-GRID-i3-1190 Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32113623 Date & time of offence: ~8:45 GMT Rules broken: RDM Explanation of events/context: I was walking out of Sector C when the grid starts shooting me across plaza. Supporting evidence: Video: Playercard:
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    Accepted Ban Request - john wittle - STEAM_0:0:563252483

    I don't know if I should make a separate ban request but he was spamming racial slurs in chat yesterday around 8:02PM (GMT+3) and then breaking FearRP until we killed him. This happened multiple times. Only have a screenshot tho. Here
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    Feel's bad man.

    I could've ziptied you, but I was nice enough to wait for you to wake up. :)