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  1. Desxon

    Ban Appeal - Desxon

    Appeal type: Appeal (reject the validity of the punishment) Are you appealing an expired ban or a warning?: No Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?: So I'm appealing a muted on discord, coz my activity on the server drops if I can't complain about rebel mains right after...
  2. Desxon

    Stop the Safety Jim Menace

    Title is clickbait it's not about deleting the bot completely (god I wish 😔 ) The bot serves its purpose for the most part, mutes and bans and shiet like that Except two teensy-weensy but ever so crucial little, tiny things.... The blacklisted words The first one makes no sense From words...
  3. Desxon

    Stunstick and arrests improved

    No need for ragdolls or knockout mechanic, coz i know "Ragdolls lag server, rly bad" So, this suggestion is here without any of those instead 1) Improve stunstick Add a 4th mode or replace Pacify Stun mode - non lethal (0dmg) - causes stun for 2 seconds OR after 3/4 hits causes stun for...
  4. Desxon

    Give soundemitter to non-Donators

    It wasn't restricted back on APEX It's not really that big of a thing for Donators In my experience I saw none of them use it, the only sounds they make are with E2 in a form of extra VC's for combine, vort and citizen.... and occasional prank JW If you say it can be abused I'll say everything...
  5. Desxon

    Types of players on impulse [Game Thread]

    I'm just bored and since im muted on the discord I'll do it in my domain Rules of the game: - only videos/pictures allowed + title - original work highly appreciated, but not required - 1 per person so pick wisely - do not copy ideas, if u see your idea (wtf, someone took CP main :( ) then...
  6. Desxon

    Rule Suggestion Allow random searches

    BUT WHY WOULD AN OPPRESIVE ALIEN DICTATORSHIP SEARCH ME WHEN THERE IS COMPLETELY NO REASON TO ??? Because it can, fuck you civie, go eat a shoelace or something coz u aint gettin rations Civies use this rule to avoid getting searched CP's use this rule to avoid doing their god damn job Will it...
  7. Desxon

    Automatic +/-SUPPORT poll on every suggestion

    Here is another quick suggestion Add automatic vote with +SUPPORTS and -SUPPORT for every post in "Ideas and Suggestions" Most people don't really type it out in the comments (sometimes they forget to add it) so that would show how big the interest in this suggestion really is Ofc votes...
  8. Desxon

    What has to change in Combine mentality ?

    We talked what needs to be added in terms of mechanics. We talked what needs to be added in terms of rules. We talked what needs to be nerfed or buffed. We talked what needs to be easier and what needs to be harder. So, it's gettin borin.... let's talk about what we think needs to change in...
  9. Desxon

    Accepted Forum panel suggestion

    Simple and fast This shit suck dick, whenever I try to look up a dude it just doesnt coz as it turns out it looks for steam names, when forum names can differ from them So what I need to do is Go on their profile Look if they have steam connected check their name that changes every 5 seconds...
  10. Desxon

    Tools needed

    This so I can fix the shadow on secret doors This so the prop doors can't be just "pushed away"
  11. Desxon

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Desxon

    Appeal type: Apology (accept the validity of the punishment) Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?: First of all I honestly didn't know that posting a SCREENSHOT with this world would get me muted in the first place, I was recently unmuted (1 day ago) and i honestly wasn't...
  12. Desxon

    [Episode 6] What if... ?

    inb4; this is not a suggestion, check the fookin section I didn't post one of these in a long time So today we will take a look at rule section, so what if we.... REMOVED THE RULE ABOUT CP'S NOT BEING ABLE TO RANDOM SEARCH As we all know during occupation most countries had round-ups/raids...
  13. Desxon

    Remove JW reasons

    JW reasons bring nothing, except hold OTA down They don't balance things out, They don't make JWs "less frequent" they make them non-existant The only JW reasons players actually notice is the death one If a bunch of CP's die/OTA dies/DvL dies thats where players know that JW count starts (and...
  14. Desxon

    Shadow Raids 1 month (and 3 days) anniversary

    It's been a month since OTA got the Shadow Raids and since I don't play that much on the server no more im just curious Are they usefull ? Like actually ? Have Combine mains felt the sudden shift of power that this addition brought (OTA dealing with a problem w/o a JW ?) How many times have you...
  15. Desxon


  16. Desxon

    Denied Ban Appeal - Desxon

    Appeal type: Appeal (reject the validity of the punishment) Are you appealing an expired ban or a warning?: No Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?: Discord mute, but still I don't know what I was banned for, only plain text for "discriminatory behaviour" I want the exact...
  17. Desxon

    Death punishment

    What is currenly a punishment for dying ? 50s loading screen and you're rewarded with 60hunger and 100HP too Man, it almost wanna make me kill myself just to get my hunger/health back or minge around CP's just for them to kill me lmao Death is not a punishment, people worry about death only...
  18. Desxon

    DIFFERENT (yes actually different) OTA suggestion

    So we had out fair share of OTA suggestions Some are shiet some are not So here is mine (hopefully not that shitty) Since OTA can't go outside w/o JW let's make their deployment quicker: When changing to the OTA you will be teleported into the Armory What will this bring ? - more CP's from...
  19. Desxon

    Jamsu meme thread

    True OG's know what's up