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  1. Crow

    Defunct/rogue notification over a terminal

    OfC+ could go to a terminal and select a unit and mark them defunct/rogue: All units but the defunct/rogue will get a notification of that, and cameras would pick him up like a BOL
  2. Crow

    Ban Request - John Liquid Ocelot - STEAM_0:1:118325027

    Offender in-game name: John Liquid Ocelot Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118325027 Date & time of offence: 12:15-20 (GMT) Rules broken: Un authed nexus raid Explanation of events/context: He came in the nexus with a shotgun, killed a Jury and Sentinel, and then broadcasted it, and left the...
  3. Crow

    Grids to be able to spawn Terminals for checkpoints in the F4 menu

    Right so I said this in a comment so im making this a topic since someone told me
  4. Crow

    Headwear staying after death

    So i dont know if all of you have seen this but today, ive seen a guy wearing a mask that gets picked up by cams but its not in his inventory and you cant take it, and it happened to me aswell, i died to a rebel as CP, when i respawned my riot helmet stayed. New bug?
  5. Crow

    Accepted OfC Whitelist Application - Crow - James Maxwell

    In-game name: James Maxwell Discord tag Crow#2218 Timezone EU East How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 40-50, if i have online classes its gonna be 20-30 per week Explaination of previous offences None, i got a OOC mute like a week or two ago for meta Why should be you...