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    were you on the server today?
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    Accepted Discord ban appeal, whatever

    Your Steam Name: krazee (In this case, Krazee#6008) Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:201544445 Ban Reason: Posting a video containing the N Word ( Banning Moderator Name: Vin (oh no) Time Left on Ban: Forever...
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    Upgrade/Remove the CP Riot Helmet

    thats why we have grid, but he doesnt have enough equipment for riots etc etc he only has tear gas and a pistol as an i1
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    a documentary about mike whilton

    mike whiltomis is my saviour and my idle
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    Acceptance of Decline

    no anarchy is fun
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    There isn´t enough information for cp quiz

    nostalgia hours. its 1am wtf. Basically here is a cheat, in this video includes the quiz
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