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  1. Jamsu

    What is expected of an OfC?

    This post details what will be expected of you as a whitelisted officer of the Civil Protection faction. Please do not apply if you cannot maintain these standards. Your job is: To help organize Civil Protection units on the ground To be a role model of what Civil Protection units should be To...
  2. Jamsu

    Donator Giveaway

    Hello all, Just wanted to say happy New Year. To celebrate us entering 2021, I will be giving away a 1-month donator package for free. To enter, you need to: Not have an active donator package (IE your rank must be user; not donator) Reply to this thread A winner will be selected at random...
  3. Jamsu

    [Official] Combine Christmas Event Thread

    Hello, Our next event, Combine Christmas, is to take place on the 28th of December at 6pm GMT / 1pm EST. Feel free to use this thread to discuss, speculate, and ask questions regarding the event. See you there, James
  4. Jamsu

    [Official] 'Industrial Revolution' Event Master Thread

    Hello, Our next mini-event, 'Industrial Revolution', is quickly approaching and will be happening on the 12th of December. I've decided to create a master thread to allow everybody to discuss, speculate, and ask questions about the event, all in one place. Feel free to still submit video and...
  5. Jamsu

    AMA Threads

    Hello, Please do not make any new AMA threads. We've gone through and locked them all as they're causing too much conflict on the forums, and there's really no need for them. Any future threads will be immediately locked. Many thanks, James
  6. Jamsu

    impulse 2020 Community Survey

    Hello, We've put together a short, anonymous survey we'd like you to complete. It doesn't require any sign-in, and it helps us to figure out what we're doing right and areas we can improve on. Click the link below to get started: (it should only take two...
  7. Jamsu

    Roleplay Group Announcements

    Look below for official announcements regarding RP groups:
  8. Jamsu

    Apartment Hold & Hospital Defence [video]

    I've got another video coming out in the next couple of days or so which I'll post here when it's ready. Should be a bigger and better one, but feel free to enjoy this in the meantime.
  9. Jamsu

    The Great Rebel Takeover [Video]

    This video contains a good amount of footage from the rebel takeover that happened the other day, and then our eventual demise while holding the GG. Construction Hold: 1:28 Intense Fighting: 2:54 Last Stand & JW: 4:15
  10. Jamsu

    1k Forum Members

    Well, we did it! Congrats @Pluto on being the 1000th forum member Congratulations @vin
  11. Jamsu

    What are you excited for?

    Hey all, What are you most excited for when it comes to a new HL2:RP server? I'm looking forward to seeing the old and new features being used, and having a smooth semi serious hl2rp to play. See you all on Friday
  12. Jamsu

    Jamsu's Introduction

    Yo I'm Jamsu impulse gamer by day, gay moderator by trade because all mods are gay I've been in the semi-serious hl2rp scene since Crow Network and all the way through to impulse. It's been a couple of years since I've been able to enjoy a good hl2rp server, so I'm looking forward to release...