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  1. Dr. Dispenser

    OfC Whitelist Application - Descripted - Dr Jack Zupperman

    Decent activity. You should have explained your past infractions a bit more thoroughly than just "I am aware that I made a lot of mistakes, I read the rules after getting my last warning and now I know what is wrong and what is right" I'll wait for a change to see if I should +support or -support
  2. Dr. Dispenser

    OfC Whitelist Application - Atrushyn - Kingston L Morocco

    I am a little curious about your playtime on the server on whether it correlates with your statement on your time that you're willing to devote each week.
  3. Dr. Dispenser

    OfC Whitelist Application - Meowjam12 - Milford jack

    I'm sorry for my Bluntless. -Support I'd suggest picking up more hours on the server. You have managed to accumulate at least 106 hours of total playtime in a span of about 8 months. Your application also has multiple grammatical errors, which I suggest you correct immediately. For your...
  4. Dr. Dispenser

    Remove donator team bypass

    However, Donator does not offer an extra spot on a Gmod Server. It allows you to bypass a limit set on a specific role or team on the server.
  5. Dr. Dispenser

    Accepted Ban Request - OTA-C8-ECHO-EOW-5954 - STEAM_0:0:170315458

    Offender in-game name: OTA-C8-ECHO-EOW-5954 Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:170315458 Date & time of offence: January 26th, 2021 | Approx. 2:35 pm PST Rules broken: Realistic Building Violation Explanation of events/context: I was a Civil Medical Worker in a Rebel outfit running around in the...
  6. Dr. Dispenser

    This is not racist post

    A Wehrmacht Officer is not a Waffen SS Officer
  7. Dr. Dispenser

    Jucie's goodbye

  8. Dr. Dispenser


    I've seen other guides saying that 10-78 means "Medical" <-- Someone along the lines of that That's why in my early days playing Impulse, I say the 10-78 line whenever I need a Helix
  9. Dr. Dispenser

    Half Life Alyx: Impulse Replacement

    Nothing to see here
  10. Dr. Dispenser


    CP Handbook: 10-78 means Officer in Trouble Voiceline: "Dispatch, I need 10-78, Officer in Trouble!" Me, an intellectual: "Dispatch, I need Officer in Trouble, Officer in Trouble!"
  11. Dr. Dispenser

    OTA Division Suggestion.

    fook, I meant the Addon that is for the MMOD addon for HL2. It do the adding more voicelines for the Overwatch Sniper
  12. Dr. Dispenser

    OfC Applications (no this isn't my app)

    The only thing I see in these OfC applications that are the same in their Scenario answers are: Marking Defunct is the only option Bruh
  13. Dr. Dispenser

    OTA Division Suggestion.

    Bruh, just grab the Scalpel voice line from that MMOD voice replacement specifically made for MMOD and slap it into Impulse
  14. Dr. Dispenser


  15. Dr. Dispenser

    OfC Whitelist Application - Chili - Mark Brown

    Due to this reason I -Support
  16. Dr. Dispenser

    OTA Division Suggestion.

    Just use that MMOD Voice Replacement thingy
  17. Dr. Dispenser

    New map rating! (City 8)

    I really like the map.
  18. Dr. Dispenser

    INGSOC or the UU

    Hail Oceania!
  19. Dr. Dispenser

    Opinion on Dr Breen?

    He now a grub