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  1. Desxon

    Add Quick-Move for buyable crates

    mfw still no "Move all" +SUPPORT
  2. Desxon

    how can i fix this Found a thread for ya TL;DRSeems like a lack of CSS or other textures.... prolly since City8 is more custom than other HL2RP maps, u might wanna go to their page and install their content
  3. Desxon

    Make cleavers legal for CMWs

    Lmao just give them an option to "delete" the body by pressing F2 on the body, call it "Cleanup a body" Something like F2 for JURY just gives no information, just deletes the ragdoll Idk why would CWU need a rusty cleaver to cut of chunks of meat and yet the remains of the body stays CWU...
  4. Desxon


    Here Episodes, CSS and Day of Defeat Should be good for most servers, just unzip them and slap the folders in the gmod addon folder
  5. Desxon

    Favorite map?

    gm_flatgrass I'd like my best answer now
  6. Desxon

    Do I need actual British Pounds for donator

    Depends on your bank You can have it blocked if you try and pay in foreign currency But most banks just slap a 5% fee each payment
  7. Desxon

    Rule Suggestion <:: Haha. Jury! rogue ::>

    Can we just go back to UNION only rogues ?
  8. Desxon

    favorite flash game?

    Electric Man
  9. Desxon

    Hamilton or Portsmouth - your favorite prop

    I'd say a hula doll
  10. Desxon

    Denied Ban Request - viperaqqbum - STEAM_0:0:94238932

    I was there so I feel like I can say something in the matter 1. There is no rules about not being able to block access to public area in a specific "Combine Checkpoints" section either 2. There is no "warning rule", we can give as much warnings to you as we want... in this scenario I think...
  11. Desxon

    Opening The Resistance Radio

  12. Desxon

    Looping sounds in E2

  13. Desxon

    Add Extended Citizens

    It would be nice if regular users could customise their character too
  14. Desxon

    Remove player Nameplates.

    coz they have eyes and don't have the ability to erase their memories ? how do people know about the 404 metabase too 🤔
  15. Desxon

    OTA Division Suggestion.

    a good sniper division ?
  16. Desxon

    Opinions on Vice as well as the addition of DcOs?

    Just DvL with extra steps RP Group that got shit from the owner
  17. Desxon

    New map rating! (City 8)

    I'd give it about a month
  18. Desxon

    Several Suggestions

    Cameras on D47 didn't blink on rebels sometimes ovxy even tested it idk where the video is, but I myself even walked by the camera without much sign of it detecting me and manhacks ability to not attack civies that didnt attack me and attack rebels is bugged so I'd rather just have all those...
  19. Desxon

    The "Best" Server

    Citizens on this server are acting ret*ed in 99% and then are surprised when CP's act accordingly CP's been acting to nice since the server started Ngl go to and see how y'all act