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  1. Crow

    OfC Whitelist Application - Barry McKenna - Barry McKenna

    -Support I have NEVER seen you in game, and your very new, like a week ago i was answering basic CP questions you asked in the CP discord
  2. Crow

    OfC Whitelist Application - zm02ton - james creamy

    -/+Neutral Alright your app is ok, but ive never seen you in game as a CP, the only time i see your name is when your a BOL
  3. Crow

    OfC Whitelist Application - MrCombine - Mr Combine

    -Support Wanted to say the same thing as the above
  4. Crow

    OfC Whitelist Application - Spitfire - Nathaniel Steel

    +Support Seen him in game as CP alot more now, good guy for OfC
  5. Crow

    Ban Request - CP-C8-GRID-i1-4622 - STEAM_0:0:203749017

    Yup saw it with my own eyes, i also as OfC told the grid to let him go and he did not
  6. Crow

    OfC Whitelist Application - Kuubus00225 - Ryan White

    -/ Netural Right so ive seen you in game and in combat, you beat my ass when you were rebel, all though your app is short and you could re write some answers
  7. Crow

    I downloaded CSS content and put it in the addons folder but now i'm stuck at the loading screen of the server

    When you buy CSS theres a little controler in the bottom right corner press on that and mount CSS-Not in the addon folder
  8. Crow

    Denied OfC Whitelist Application - OMA - Henderson Jackson

    +SUPPORT Very good Rebel player,helped me out alot when i was starting
  9. Crow

    Accepted OfC Whitelist Application - Crow - James Maxwell

    In-game name: James Maxwell Discord tag Crow#2218 Timezone EU East How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 40-50, if i have online classes its gonna be 20-30 per week Explaination of previous offences None, i got a OOC mute like a week or two ago for meta Why should be you...
  10. Crow

    Where do I study for the OTA quiz?

    And if that dont work, just try all the anwsers each time