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  1. TheMetrocop

    Everything wrong with the event (From what I saw)

    1. Rebels given 300 HP (confirmed) combined with armor makes them basically gods. A staff member on the rebel side also believed to be in god mode. 2. Rank NPCs vanished, no combine re-enforcements. 3. Dupes made by Combine vanished. 4. Event literally scripted and biased for rebels to win. 5...
  2. TheMetrocop

    Accepted TheMetrocop's SqL Application

    (Approved by Tim Cook to be posted) In-game Name: Barney Peterson OOC Age: 15 Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) Steam ID (32 bit): STEAM_0:1:178016681 Out-Of-Character Questions - Previous experience as Civil Protection (if any): As a Civil Protection unit, I have played on many...
  3. TheMetrocop

    Denied Ban Request - combinesoldier42 - STEAM_0:1:213093035

    Offender in-game name: combinesoldier42 Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:213093035 Date & time of offence: 10/7/2020 7:47 PM EST Rules broken: Outside as OTA Explanation of events/context: He went outside as OTA, not much to explain. Supporting evidence:
  4. TheMetrocop

    I'm TheMetrocop, Ask me anything. (AMA)

    Hi, I'm the Metrocop. Ask me anything. I'll try to answer the best I can.
  5. TheMetrocop

    Beta Metrocop Sounds

    We should add the Beta Metrocop sounds (Don't replace the already existing ones, just add the new ones) Yes?
  6. TheMetrocop

    TheMetrocop Introduction (A few weeks late)

    Yes, hello there. I am back. I am ze Metrocop, the toxic guy.