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  1. kingdarkness

    Accepted Ban Request - Daniel Thomas - STEAM_0:0:64343723

    Evidence Reviewed. The user was clearly breaking FearRP / PainRP in that situation. Accepted.
  2. kingdarkness

    Accepted Ban Request - Below_Mediocre - STEAM_0:0:115344893

    The evidence doesen't show that, however it clearly shows him outside w/o a JW in effect. This request is Accepted.
  3. kingdarkness

    Reduced Ban Appeal - Slav Man - 76561198299110324

    The player you said that to issued a report about it, as he found it offensive, which is understandabe, I dont think anyone would like to be associated with that. I can see your point, perhaps a mistake on my side as I should've classed it as Disrespectful Behaviour instead of Harassmanet. I...
  4. kingdarkness


    Hello For general discussion we have the discord for that which you can find it here, please use that instead of creating a thread on forums about it. Thank you! Locked and Archived
  5. kingdarkness

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Spitfire

    I double checked the initial Ban Request and besides what you described in here there was nothing more to be seen in the actual evidence, I must've been considering a previous and similar situation to that where the whole bathroom of GG was filled with textscreens, including the stalls and such...
  6. kingdarkness

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Spitfire

    Alright, I will start reviewing this and explaining the situation. That situation likely occured at the time I was connecting on impulse, because there was a report issued in game about it, which I looked into, by the time I got there, the signs were gone, possibly due to your disconnecting...
  7. kingdarkness

    Denied Ban Appeal - jawancz - 76561198170947193

    Hello. I can see you instantly thought that my punishment was incorrect in this situation, so I will go ahead and state my point of view on this and some actual proof so that way there is no confusion, I will start by adressing to what you mention in your ban appeal. As I stated before, I have...
  8. kingdarkness

    Currently Level Desging an City map. (progress I have made so far.)

    I like the nice HL2 Beta touch with that OTA Statue, not to mention the detail on the map itself looks wonderful.
  9. kingdarkness

    Section 2 Subsection 1-D "Fuck metagamers"

    OOC: *gets disabled* Rebels: there is a shadow raid going on.
  10. kingdarkness

    Denied Ban Appeal - Infant Annihilator - 76561198353372500

    Alright I will be straight forward with this, the ban is 3 days long therefore just gonna say it cannot be Reduced, nor Removed, in fact it can't even be appealed. Now on the topic, you got reported for doing that action, no other player was brought up to my attention, you did tell me in the...
  11. kingdarkness

    Stabilization-Team: Payback Niner

    [LOG #037} Judgment Waiver report: Callsign: █████████ Rank: ███ Location: City 17, █████████ Date: 26/11/ ████ Description of Events: <:: The Anti-Citizen forces have managed ███████ a huge amount of Civil Protection units on duty at the time resulting in around █████ units ████████ and the...
  12. kingdarkness

    Accepted ThePanMans SqL Application

    Alright The application looks good and it meets the requirments stated, also considering your activity on the server which i've witnessed several times before, in pretty much the entirty of Combine faction as both OTA and CP and as a Rebel, but I won't disclose that side as it's irelevant here...
  13. kingdarkness

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday
  14. kingdarkness

    opiper birthday!!!!!!! Happy birthday sir

    opiper birthday!!!!!!! Happy birthday sir
  15. kingdarkness

    Accepted Ban Request - Jackson Graham - STEAM_0:1:55738461

    Evidence Reviewed. Accepted.
  16. kingdarkness

    M14 on B210 op (who knew)

    The M14 is indeed going to be a pain on this map not to mention the openning and no cover whatsoever that Sector C is providing, none the less Sector B is a straight line, so like it or not, someone dies in that. However, I do think that there should be some twitching in order to accomodate the...
  17. kingdarkness

    Impulse - A Red Letter Day

    Yep... that mace who just ran in front of a bunch of rebels? that's me, I guess you wonder how I got myself in that situation, well, it all started on the 22nd of November 2020.
  18. kingdarkness

    Reduced Ban Appeal - CentralMint - 76561199101983823

    Completely understandable, I appreciate this apology and explaining your side, I took action on spot at that time as the incident was most likely reported as soon as you left, I understand that internet issues can happen, but the timing it happened placed you in this situation you are currently...
  19. kingdarkness

    Denied Ban Appeal - Wider - 76561198954098815

    I dont know what that is supposed to mean but, i will just state my points really quick since this ban is directed towards me: 1. You made a report and the situation was literaly turned around you. You were given fair warnings IC to stop running from the said CP, which you obviously ignored and...
  20. kingdarkness

    Denied Ban Appeal - FicoFitness - 76561199007026170

    My ban was initially 25 days, the extension of it was not my action, however this was a result of your action of using an alt account to bypass the ban time to play on the server. Simply put if it matters anymore, this ban appeal is denied, feel free to issues a ticket at...