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  1. vin

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Bealzebub - 76561198203268142

    Accepted Your ban has been identified as a likely false positive. If it happens again DM me on Discord.
  2. vin

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Your Local Taco - 76561198319385544

    Accepted. Hi, something in your dupe was malicious please delete it and don't spawn it again.
  3. vin

    Accepted Ban Appeal - coolkid

    Accepted Welcome back.
  4. vin

    what is Suspicous Meat?

    no u cant
  5. vin


  6. vin


  7. vin


  8. vin

    Accepted Forum panel suggestion

    sure. (just click the arrow) and its at the bottom
  9. vin

    open source

    the schema is not going open source, so this wont be possible
  10. vin

    Bye bye

    i wonder why
  11. vin

    F1 Settings Aren’t Saving

    The F1 settings auto save as soon as they are changed. They save into your cl.db database in your garrysmod folder, which is also used to save other settings built into Garry's Mod. To fix this you could try deleting your cl.db file, however, be warned, this could reset some other settings.
  12. vin

    happy birthday

    happy birthday
  13. vin

    happy birthdya

    happy birthdya
  14. vin

    happy birthday 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂

    happy birthday 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂
  15. vin

    happy birthday

    happy birthday
  16. vin

    Change metropolice PM

  17. vin

    This only happens when you get 5 mutes. 5 mutes. That's 15 warnings.

    This only happens when you get 5 mutes. 5 mutes. That's 15 warnings.
  18. vin

    Denied Ban Appeal - KoriBokki - 76561197972295816

    I've looked at your case file and you had a clearly named cheating dll in your garry's mod. Denied.