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  1. Jamsu

    Carpenter's Introduction

  2. Jamsu

    Denied Ban Appeal - Anime sucks - 76561198398133220

    Hello, Your ban will remain in place as you knowingly broke the server rules and don't show any remorse for this in your appeal. The admin acted accordingly. Whenever you're on our server, unless you're in a staff sit, you can be counted as being in RP. Very few exceptions apply to this...
  3. Jamsu

    Denied Ban Appeal - legendarynthawk - 76561198331633727

    Hello, The ban will remain in place due to the certainty of the banning admin and the witnesses involved. There may be a slim chance that this ban was issued incorrectly, however, I believe this to be unlikely. In the future, if you believe an admin has banned you for the wrong reasons (IE...
  4. Jamsu

    Great gaming evening

    It is pretty fun
  5. Jamsu

    Thank you

    Thank you
  6. Jamsu

    happy birthday

    happy birthday
  7. Jamsu

    happy birthday mr azoo

    happy birthday mr azoo
  8. Jamsu

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Spitfire

  9. Jamsu

    Bad record caught up to me, once again.

    Reminder to keep this thread civil and constructive.
  10. Jamsu

    Lacika's Thread

    Welcome to the community.
  11. Jamsu

    Denied Gordon freeman event

    We're not going to have any Gordon Freeman related events.
  12. Jamsu

    Accepted Blizzard Boi's SqL Application

    Stop bickering on this thread. People will -support or +support for whatever they want. It's up to the CmDs to decide what they think is valid and what isn't, and arguing is just going to taint this application. I don't want to have to moderate SqL applications but I will if this carries on...
  13. Jamsu

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday
  14. Jamsu

    Currently Level Desging an City map. (progress I have made so far.)

    I'm really looking forward to exploring it when it comes out.
  15. Jamsu

    Banned document?

    Hello, To submit a ban appeal, please follow this link and fill out all of the sections included to the best of your ability. Please ensure all information is accurate. Regards, James
  16. Jamsu

    Denied Ban Appeal - Speedbt - 76561198801206189

    Hello, We don't allow appeals for old punishments if they were issued for valid reasons. If, however, you feel as if a warning or ban issued was invalid, then you're welcome to submit a complaint ticket for us to review at Regards, James
  17. Jamsu

    I lagged off the edge of a roof and died losing my hunting scope and ota vest is there any way to get a refund?

    If you have any proof of this then you can submit a compensation request ticket at For future reference, if you feel you've unfairly lost items in-game, you can submit an F3 report and ask for your items back. We only refund items under certain circumstances...
  18. Jamsu

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday
  19. Jamsu

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday