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    D47 Noticeboard

    An officer manages to arrive on the scene, being just shocked at the deeds of the man. He clips his baton from the belt, closing on the man, gesturing what will happen. -- The only rational thing. Minutes later, he has a look at the poster, shaking his head. He looks at the horrible piece of...
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    Character Description/Backstory thread :)

    Pierre-Jean Valois Pierre was raised and born in the Bourgogne region, France, more precisely, near the French city of Nivernais. He spent a lot of time alongside his family, his father, and his mother. The lifestyle was slow-paced, quiet. There were days where one would just not do much, except...
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    Name Suggestion Poll

    I very much love this. On a positive... +Gives the /apply command finally a more directed purpose. +Would bring in more RP between the civilians and the Civil Protection +Excellent counter to metagame. +Offers a more authentic RP experience, by making the server feel more 'realistic' to an...
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    TheMetrocop's SqL Application

    +SUPPORT Me when when when terra nover.
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    An "Aye-em-aye" by Wraygun.

    There isn't anything in particular that grinds my gear. It is just the minor discontent I sometimes have regarding factions(e.g the fact that the CPs are underpowered) but this is where it ends really. I enjoy my time here from the start, till this very moment. Sure, maybe not as much as I used...
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    An "Aye-em-aye" by Wraygun.

    Well then. Since this tends to spread around like wildfire, why not do one too and go with the flow, eh? Anyhow: ask right away. I'll answer anything.
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    Guess we do these now. Impulse E-Girl Jackie. AMA

    SeriousRP or semi, and why?
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    I'm TheMetrocop, Ask me anything. (AMA)

    What is your favorite moment in HL2(including both episodes of course)?
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    What's a pet peeve you have on Impulse that drives you up the wall?

    The restrictions we have on CPs. CPs are supposed to feel like dystopian law enforcers. Compared to other servers, they feel like Canadian cops, something which I despise to the bitter bone. Then, we got reasons for JW, that can be very simply metagamed and avoided by rebels, restricting the...
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    I'm ovxy. Ask me anything. (AMA)

    What do you prefer to play as? Rebel or CP? And why?
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    Make SqL and DvLs non-whitelist

    "<:: No, I'm good. ::>"
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    Bar help

    Ah yes, Moonshine! You will need: A brewing barrel Sparkling water A bag of spices. Place the barrel down and you will get the option to "brew" with it. It's the only alcohol you can make in case you did not know and it can be sold to the black market dealer for 200 tokens. Or, you can use it...
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    Accepted sprite sql app

    Excellent application, excellent typing. Very honest. And now, it's my turn to be honest: +SUPPORT
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    Accepted SnuffleBunnys SQL Application

    Basically this. +SUPPORT. Anyhow. While the app may seem of an oddball to some, I can understand where it is coming from. From what I've seen of you, you seem more than capable of handling the role, and even if you were to do some mistakes: the fact that you want to improve and become the better...
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    Accepted SnuffleBunnys SQL Application

    Yes. You are.
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    A helmet buff

    The M14 is perfect as it is, imo. The helmet, however, should receive a strong buff. Simple as.
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    Denied Ugandan Warriors Civil Protection Supervisor Application Part 1&2 How would you answer to this thread? It has some evidence to it as well.
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    [Content Suggestion/Change] Helix Purchases.

    Well, here is how I do it: I pay for the splints(they are very cheap) or I simply craft them(by the way, the splints are using 3 pieces of wood and one cloth to make). Make TONS of them and store them. When you are a civvie, pick them up from the public locker and get them into inventory, then...