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  1. xSovietBear

    minister RP

    minister RP
  2. xSovietBear

    water doesnt have a color

    water doesnt have a color
  3. xSovietBear

    light blue name gang rise up

    light blue name gang rise up
  4. xSovietBear

    Accepted Ban Request - Dr Pinuk Lor - STEAM_0:0:427007883

    Evidence reviewed. Accepted
  5. xSovietBear

    The Time Has Come

    Good luck my brother, sad to see you leaving.
  6. xSovietBear

    ebic admoon gaming

    ebic admoon gaming
  7. xSovietBear

    happy birthday mister do you want me to come over your home

    happy birthday mister do you want me to come over your home
  8. xSovietBear

    happy birthday

    happy birthday
  9. xSovietBear

    Reduced Ban Appeal - Pluto - 76561199015606849

    Hello there, The reason why your ban was this long is because of the number of bans you've got. Take note that any rule you break can lead to a ban or warn, depending on the Moderator. However, I will reduce your ban from 6 months to 2 months. In this time, re-read the rules to make sure they...
  10. xSovietBear

    Errors. Errors everywhere.

    Thread locked
  11. xSovietBear

    Errors. Errors everywhere. Make sure you have CSS mounted too. Let me know if that fixes the problem!
  12. xSovietBear

    Denied Ban Appeal - 923CheeseBurger - 76561198333877853

    Hello, Considering the fact that the rules are clear when talking about killing other players for meat and your poor record, this punishment I gave you it's fine for the gravity of the situation. In this time, make sure you master the rules so next time you will not be punished. If you think...
  13. xSovietBear

    Goodbye impulse.

    Good luck, my man <3 Hope you come back soon
  14. xSovietBear

    Denied Ban Appeal - CornOfAllFields - 76561198279849672

    Denied The reason for the ban is valid - confirmed with Lead Moderators.
  15. xSovietBear

    epic gamer flop

    epic gamer flop
  16. xSovietBear

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Derek Aether - 76561198049225441

    Hello there, Taking into consideration the events that happened after you were banned (yes, it happened again), I can now understand what happened exactly. I will unban you. - xSovietBear
  17. xSovietBear

    Accepted Ban Appeal - ramtin.mdl - 76561198184935897

    Upon viewing the logs, I can agree that you were not spamming soccerballs. Your ban will be removed from your record. Many apologies for the misunderstanding of the situation. Accepted
  18. xSovietBear

    TheMetrocop's SqL Application

    Accept this epic gaming man already
  19. xSovietBear

    businessman rp in progress

    businessman rp in progress