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  1. Blizzard Boi

    Accepted Ban Request - <bigman46> - <STEAM_0:0:517371294>

    Offender In-Game Name: Darren Wilson Offender Steam Name: bigman46 Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:517371294 Date & Time of Offence (GMT): 26th May 2020/11:46 am Rules Broken: Prop Climb Explanation of Events/Context: I joined the server and made my way to Shell Beach where I spotted some...
  2. Blizzard Boi

    Advanced Liberation Division

    Advanced Liberation Division “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” - Martin Luther King What is The ALD? - The Advanced Liberation Division started back in City 17. Alex Blizzard fought many times alongside his brothers and sisters. He...
  3. Blizzard Boi

    Walkie-Talkie Item Suggestion

    The Walkie Talkie An item used by Rebel forces to communicate at long distances to allow for more coordination. What will it do?: The Walkie Talkie, when obtained will be 0.1kg allowing a Rebel to have, for example, OTA Armour, a shotgun and a gas mask along with a Walkie Talkie. Once the...
  4. Blizzard Boi

    What would happen if the current Rebel groups operated the same way now, but on C17?

    In theory let’s use the MSC as our example, they have all their guns that they have now, all their armour, ammo and tactics. But on C17, what would it be like?
  5. Blizzard Boi

    Transfer All Button

    Hi, so the title is a bit... confusing probably. But I am suggesting a Transfer All button for when you are moving stuff into or out of your inventory into storage of any kind. It would be helpful and practical.
  6. Blizzard Boi

    Accepted Ban Request

    Offender In-Game Name: nicostaudt Offender Steam Name [If Known]: Boron - STEAM_0:0:20656569 Date & Time of Offence: 04/01/20 3:21 PM GMT Explanation of Events/Context: I at the Factory in industrial preparing to build a base in the alley to the right of the factory front and then a random guy...
  7. Blizzard Boi

    2 Suggestions

    One suggestion is to add a "Don't show again" button to the messages the pop up when someone logs into the server. And my second suggestion is to add three Voice Chat features, Radio Voice Chat, Whisper Mode Voice and Yelling Voice, they could all be helpful in RP.
  8. Blizzard Boi

    Citizen File #943 - Alex Blizzard

    // Citizen File #943 \\ . . . . Name: Alex Blizzard . Age: [Redacted] . City 17 Role: Is usually an [Redacted] but sometimes appears to be a [Redacted] . . . . Description: Hello, my name is Alex Blizzard. I work for [Redacted] as a [Redacted]. My age is [Redacted]. I came to City 17 to look...
  9. Blizzard Boi

    Accepted Blizzard's Supervisor Application

    Name: Blizzard Boi (Known as Alex Blizzard in-game) Age: 19 Previous experience as Civil Protection (if any): Impulse is the first-ever HL2:RP Server that I have ever played on and I have been playing on it since the fourth day of release. I first became a CP when I got to around 200 XP...
  10. Blizzard Boi

    What is your favourite feature or experience so far?

    Just talk about your favourite feature and your favourite experience. Favourite Feature: I have a few favourite features, dragging is neat and useful, crafting is cool, looting feels sorta fun. Favourite Experience: I've gotta say... The whole "Russian Party" thing from yesterday (as of the...
  11. Blizzard Boi

    My Suggestion List

    So, I am two days into this server and there are a few things that need to be dealt with or added. 1. Stupid Damn Buggy ladders (glad I got that out of the way first) 2. Make it seem more worth while to wait one hour for a ration and 100 credits as a basic civie. 3. Add a bind that toggles...
  12. Blizzard Boi

    Blizzard is here...

    Hi! I am Alex (Or Blizzard) I am 19 years of age and I am from The UK. You may know me as Alex Blizzard on the Impulse HL2 RP server if you have already met me. This is the first-ever HL2 RP server that I have ever been on and I am hooked. I have dabbled in Dark RP previously. And I know how...