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  1. kingdarkness

    Make Pickaxe Useful

    So basicaly my suggestion is making the Pickaxe useful, besides it being just a better weapon against CPs because it deals more damage (haven't seen anyone wasting materials on it lately tbh). How could be the Pickaxe useful except for combat? Really simple, allow players to mine for metal...
  2. kingdarkness

    King Units

    Add KING Units, it's a waste of potential to keep them as "SENTINEL" and serve as guards, also only 2 at a time, it may have a higher XP requirement, or via application, or be the same as EOW ( 1500 XP) As they are also seen in lore as Elite Units that operate in teams of 3 / 6 ( as HL2 / EP1...
  3. kingdarkness

    Accepted KingDarkness's Supervisor Application

    Name: KIngDarkness (Alex) Age: 17 Previous experience as Civil Protection (if any): I haven't played before on a HL2RP Server, but i've gone along with it in time and gained a lot of experience in both in game and knowledge, ( 4300+ XP ), i've watched and learned how higher ups act in certain...