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  1. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit The Sem Kit

    The Sem Kit a music kit by sem daniel nothing much but just a collection of my favourite musics contains 21 combat music 15 ambient music Playlist Download here
  2. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit Battlefield 1942

    Yeah, your childhood memories. here's a comment I found, such relatable. 6 combat music 6 ambient music Download
  3. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit Battlefield 1

    A music kit allows you to get the feeling of a soldier who fights for your side. here's the trailer of BF1 so you can get the music vibes. playlist: contains: 7 combat music 11 ambient music death sound Download
  4. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit Postal Redux Music Kit

    I heard the sequels are funny music kit requested by @Pigone♥ 3 combat music 4 ambient music Download
  5. Sem Daniel

    should i buy People's Playground

    should i buy it
  6. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit Yakuza Kiwami 2 Music Kit

    Yakuza Kiwami 2 Music Kit A way for experiencing Impulse’s world with Yakuza Music. by sem daniel 25 combat music 10 ambient music total 35 music included Playlist Download ;PPP
  7. Sem Daniel

    mission succeed

    i did it i captured most of them
  8. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit Yakuza Kiwami

    Music kit by sem included 23 ost 6 ambient 17 combat custom death sound edited by me <3 click here to download :D
  9. Sem Daniel

    let people check their xp on panel

    let people check their xp on panel
  10. Sem Daniel

    add fists for civilian

    so before saying it's abuseful, hear me out add fists as a melee weapon that we can use so people dont need to get axe or pickaxe to have a fight base damage 1-2 damage will increase based on strength lv, lv5 will be 4, lv10 will be 6 it should be cool for roleplay such as bar fight, gangster...
  11. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit Cyberpunk 2077

    music kit included: 9 ambient music 13 combat music death sound playlist ( some of them didn't used ) Now click here to begin installing
  12. Sem Daniel

    Sem everywhere™

    hi, it's me, sem. i want to travel to everywhere. please Photoshop me.
  13. Sem Daniel

    Vin profile speedrun competition

    So listen up impulse speedrunners The vin profile speedrun competition is now begins! send your video in here to join! this competition will close at 2021/02/01, start of February. the fastest speedrunner will awarded [ all gamers respect ] x1! rules: 1. no cheats 2. you may make some effects...
  14. Sem Daniel

    Accepted Ban Request - Erik Smith - STEAM_0:1:222739461

    Offender in-game name: Erik Smith Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:222739461 Date & time of offence: 12:57 gmt+8 27/12/2020 Rules broken: prop block Explanation of events/context: me and the boys searching apartment cause rebel attack and kicked down the door, oh prop block. Supporting...
  15. Sem Daniel

    Accepted Ban Request - Adam Chlup - STEAM_0:0:193716948

    Offender in-game name: Adam Chlup Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:193716948 Date & time of offence: 5/12/2020 12:18 (gmt+8) Rules broken: 1.2 Discrimination Explanation of events/context: when i arresting him and dragging him back to nexus, he said the n word to me which it makes me feels bad...
  16. Sem Daniel

    heavy is dead but in impulse forum (video)

    so guys we did it
  17. Sem Daniel

    Heavy is dead but in impulse forum

    come on do it and i will make a video *sounds of le heavy singing* It's a good day to be not dead
  18. Sem Daniel

    rebel hideout speedrun ( d47 ) / any%

    i lost again tho
  19. Sem Daniel

    Music Kit Yakuza Zero Music Kit

    Enjoying beating cps/rebels with legend style? contains: 15 ambient music 36 combat music total 51 music download now update 1: combat music updated: Kuze themes fixed 41 - With Vengeance (Awano theme) added 14 - Receive you tech trance arrange (Kiryu legend style) added 32 - Receive you the...
  20. Sem Daniel

    Which of MY music kit you use most?

    just interested anyone use my music kits.