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  1. Flop

    An actual loading screen.

    Coming from the mind of flop on his phone and after taking a science progress test: An actual fucking loading screen for impulse by a talented individual which isnt just images directly taken from google, which displays actual tips, how server works, shows off all teams how they operate n shit...
  2. Flop

    Time out issue.

    Recently, after moving into a new house and hopping onto impulse has resulted in me getting lamarr'd/timed out anytime I'd try to play, as far as I am aware? This has happened on: 1 other server but servers hosted by friends work completely perfectly with no issue and internet in general should...
  3. Flop

    Model Replacement City Specific Metropolice pack Replacements [C08, i17, D47] [COMPLETE]

    Requested by @Zack™ i17, D47 will come soon. (C08 VERSION, CHANGES ALL DIVISONS, RANKS TO GRID)) [I17 Update] D47 next. DOWNLOAD LINK: D47...
  4. Flop

    Accepted Ban Request - SANNESS - STEAM_0:0:498557109

    Offender in-game name: SANNESS Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:498557109 Date & time of offence: 5:20ish PM, GMT+3 Rules broken: 2.1, 2.2/ Attempted Prop block and FailRP name. Explanation of events/context: Player in question attempted to prop block the entrance into sector C by using a...
  5. Flop

    Mic not working.

    I recently upgraded to a PC when my old laptop started to fail me, everything seems to work fine BUT gmod mic, I don't see the mic icon when I'm using it and nobody can hear me, but I can hear others and other ingame noises just fine. Help?
  6. Flop

    Brightness and CP uniform problem.

    Recently, I had to factory reset my gmod to fix some errors, but it came alongside with some side effects such as: Low brightness even if the brightness settings in options is set to high and ALL THE CP MODELS look the same, I.E: HELIX,GRID all look like union and their lenses are not visible...
  7. Flop

    sounds are f u c k e d

    apparently ALL my ingame sounds including the menu sounds are fucked up and just straight up sound muffled everything does from gunshots to people using VC it wasn't like this earlier and I don't think? any addons are causing the problem it was working fine before the only unusual thing I did...
  8. Flop

    Accepted Flop's CP supervisor application

    In-game Name: (Flop) Age: (15) Previous experience as Civil Protection (if any): I haven't been cp on any other server besides impulse but I have a pretty good understanding on how it works on this server and I have been a CP main on this server and I know how each of the divisions work and...
  9. Flop

    what if u wanted to hide during JW

    but combine find u and look like this vin plz