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  1. Creamy™

    favourite hobby?

    Long af walks no azio they aren’t just for buying monster energy’s🥴
  2. Creamy™

    leaving impulse.

    Maybe you should apply- oh.. wait. Also, how do we suck if we ban people like you?
  3. Creamy™

    Ban Appeal - Azio

  4. Creamy™


    Welcome back
  5. Creamy™


  6. Creamy™

    Bonjour, nice to meet you :)

    Welcome to Impulse
  7. Creamy™

    Metropolitan Security Council

    Update: 28/07/2021 - Activity Check for Government & Civilians is complete. - @Chosen Promoted to 327th Division Commander - @Tryki999 Transferred from 327th Division Commander to 190th Division Commander - MSC Event Team is now recruiting!
  8. Creamy™

    Cooldown on Raiding AD

    We have a large proportion of the map, however it’s mostly wasted space as most of the areas don’t offer much in regards to building, they don’t offer much in regards to opening shops, doing business other than slapping a sign on the wall in the rebel box room. now I’m not saying that CP’s...
  9. Creamy™

    Cooldown on Raiding AD

    When you comment on this rule suggestion, bare in mind saying ‘cope’ or ‘cry’ is not relevant to the suggestion- nor giving your opinion. Stop with the idiotic comments and actually state your opinion if you are going to post on this.
  10. Creamy™

    Denied Ban Appeal - Infant Annihilator - 76561198353372500

    Denied You were walking around at the time blaring extremely loud and earrapey music down your mic. Just because you see someone else breaking the rules doesn't make it okay. Don't be a sheep and follow the herd. Just follow the rules. Maybe if your record wasn't so bad, and you didn't...
  11. Creamy™

    favorite cereal

    Kellogs cornflakes with sugar
  12. Creamy™

    favorite skittles taste and color?

    Red and purple
  13. Creamy™

    Denied OfC Whitelist Application - UnstoppableGiant - UnstoppableGiant

    +support Doesn't minge Decent application Knows what he is doing Very serious and proved his worth in the CP faction
  14. Creamy™

    Reduced Ban Appeal - coffe - 76561198998193399

    Do not post on this ban request unless you have Vital information or something important that will help the moderator that banned the user. @kingdarkness
  15. Creamy™

    Ban Appeal - JustADutch - 76561198873164912

    You can't make more than 1 appeal.
  16. Creamy™


    Don’t shitpost.
  17. Creamy™

    Metropolitan Security Council

    Update: 22/07/21 - Official MSC Event Team created. - New members recruited into the MSC. - New members recruited into the Military. - Full Scale activity check coming soon.