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  1. War Crime Crazyize

    How long does it take on average for RP Groups to be accepted?

    Wanted to see how long because I can’t see the post until it is authorized. Also if anyone else made a group how long did it last?
  2. War Crime Crazyize

    The Federal λrmy

    The Federal λrmy BEFORE THE 7 HOUR WAR- Their roots start in the western United States, when a Sheriff of a small county had the opportunity to see something that has never been seen before. The Sheriff was a quiet man, he had always known what to do whenever he had a problem. His county had...
  3. War Crime Crazyize

    Accepted Ban Appeal - War Crime Crazyize - 76561198106644482

    Appeal type: Appeal (reject the validity of the punishment) Are you appealing an expired ban or a warning?: No Why should you be unbanned/have your sentence reduced?: I believe that my ban should be revoked because what had happened was a misunderstanding of intentions. It said I was banned...