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  1. Schnuffle Bunny

    Lampshade entertainment play.

    "Oh boy, i love this play, its so awesome and epic that an RP group is on the server and active" "hmmmm rembel pew pew haha ceepee go brrt!"
  2. Schnuffle Bunny

    this chief keef song got the m14 shot sound

    just not gonna say a timestamp ok
  3. Schnuffle Bunny

    DvL+ riot control option

    yes it was going to be added alongside the D47V2 map. There was a gigantic riot update mod planned, with a riot status, riot shields, throwable items for civilians, etc then it was cut because we did as humans do and complained
  4. Schnuffle Bunny

    I am back!

  5. Schnuffle Bunny

    What's better

  6. Schnuffle Bunny

    The perfect OTA update.

    *Calls it perfect *Adds random shit that no one needs *Doesnt add an OTA whitelist seems about right.
  7. Schnuffle Bunny

    How do I get a elite vest?

    They are ELITE vests, not KING v ests you fucking troglodyte OTA Cant even USE the KING tagline so fucking get real
  8. Schnuffle Bunny

    Why not.

  9. Schnuffle Bunny

    Why not.

    this is slander and i will not accept it
  10. Schnuffle Bunny

    Why not.

    I use the AR2 because:
  11. Schnuffle Bunny

    how tall is the strider

    at least 2 meters
  12. Schnuffle Bunny

    who has the overall most XP on the server?

    laughs in 51K
  13. Schnuffle Bunny

    A second Jason Dooley video!

    average rebel citizen main
  14. Schnuffle Bunny

    Nexus raid suggestion

    Damn bro are you a necromancer
  15. Schnuffle Bunny


  16. Schnuffle Bunny

    Lampshade Entertainment

    yeah we have the vortigaunt maids distract them
  17. Schnuffle Bunny

    Event suggestion: Striders or Hunters in the Event

    but it literally does are you okay?
  18. Schnuffle Bunny

    Event suggestion: Striders or Hunters in the Event

    The cameras are NPC's with cameras literally attached to them that detect stuff